Thursday, June 2, 2011

Planking hits North East China

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Planking hits China (Cherriipop110604) by CherriiPOP

The fad that is taking on the world, ‘planking’ has reached north east China. Planking is when a person lies face down somewhere and their photo is taken and uploaded on the web. A man has uploaded some photos on the web of him planking around north east china. It’s pretty cool to see plank on stairs, garden beds, recycle bins.

Planking sounds very simple and safe but a lot of Australians have pushed planking to the limits by planking on high rise buildings. This has caused many injuries and even death. People shouldn’t risk their lives for an activity that should be harmless fun. If you plank, think about safety first and not how cool the photo will be. Safe planking everyone.


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