Thursday, June 2, 2011

Japanese Government helping singles find love

The Japanese government has set up a dating site to help singles find a life partner. Isn’t that fascinating! You would think that the government would have more urgent matters to worry about that the public’s dating life. I can’t imagine the white house worrying about setting a dating site for American people.

This issue is a highly important matter for Japan leaders – they are concerned of the low marriage and birth rates in the country. They believe that healthy marriages and growing families create stable societies. By matchmaking singles up, they hope to increase the national birthrate.

Earlier this year I had a similar story about the Singaporean government planning to help matchmake their people. Now Japan is following in their footsteps.

The website is I had a quick visit to the website, it doesn’t look like a government website. It’s free to sign up. The is part of the World Friends Network – the leading multi-lingual travel and language network. The website isn’t purely for dating (although the website name suggests that it is) - people can make friends, find language tutors, travel buddies on the website as well.


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