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HK Movie Review - Don't go breaking my heart (2011)

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Dont go breaking my heart 2011 HK movie review by CherriiPOP

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It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of romcoms. I feel that I’m a walking encyclopedia on this topic, I’ve seen so many romcoms under the sun. A lot of them have become predictable, with movie makers recycling ideas.
I’ve worked out the basic formula of the romcom:

• A love triangle – A romcom always needs tension in relationships
• A rich guy in the love triangle – He adds that fairytale, opulence factor to the movie. Giving the girl the stars, the moon... so to speak
• The guy next door, in love triangle – He’s the one that pic

This leads me to my next movie review. HK romcom 'Don't go breaking my heart'. This is a great romcom film, one of the best I have seen. This film introduces a lot of new elements, reinvigorating the overdone romcom genre. This movie is fresh and fun.

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Any girl stuck in a love triangle with Louis Koo and Daniel Wu is super lucky! Gao Yuanyuan plays Chi Yan a woman who is unlucky in love. Her luck changes when she meets these 2 very different and very handsome guys Sean (Louis Koo) and Kevin (Daniel Wu). Sean is the arrogant rich guy who sets out to woo her in lavish style. Kevin isn't quite the guy next door, he looks like a bum but his character is very caring and sweet.

Louis Koo is so so HILARIOUS!!! He had me rolling on the floor laughing in some scenes. Other scenes he made me gush. Daniel Wu definitely brings a lot of warmth to his character. Gao Yuan Yuan character is very likable, she certainly has a tough decision to make.

Very funny film! Definitely a fave of mine alongside romcoms: Bridget Jone's Diary, Roman Holiday, Breakfast at Tiffany's, The back up plan, My Tutor Friend, Love Actually to name a few.

3.5/5 stars

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