Thursday, June 23, 2011

CherriiPOP Season 3 Recap

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Cherriipop Season 3 Finale - Season recap by CherriiPOP

I can’t believe another season of CherriiPOP has just ended. This is our 3rd season on air and it’s been the best season to date. Some highlights from this season include:

- Rain being named number 1 on Time’s 100 most influential list. That was really exciting. Rain attended the Time’s 100 party and met Sting! Rain tweeted a photo of him and Sting. Rain was stoked to find out that Sting knew who he was.

- On this season, I had a few stories about governments helping the public with their dating lives. In Japan and Singapore, leaders are concerned over the nation’s low birth rate. By matchmaking the public, Leaders hope this will lead to marriage and then babies.

- I had guests join me in studio this season. Thank you to everyone who came in. My friend Ben came in studio to teach us some Japanese.That podcast is the most listened to CherriiPOP podcast in history. That’s really awesome.

- We’ve had quite a few kung fu stories this season. Hong Kong flight attendants learning kung fu for good health and self defense from scary passengers. The kung fu cleaning lady in Beijing – She has been given the nickname ‘Aunty Broom’

- Japan is still recovering from the devastating natural and nuclear disasters. Celebrities have helped in the Japan relief effort. Our thoughts and prayers are with Japan.

I love this show and it is a big joy for me to come in studio each week to chat to you and play your favourite tracks. I hope you have enjoyed listening to the show. I really want to thank you for all your support. Our online fanbase is growing. We currently have 42 facebook likes, 38 twitter followers, 2 youtube subscribers, 7 soundcloud followers. Thank you so much everyone.

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