Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Rain's 29th B'day (26-5-11)

Rain celebrated his 29th b'day on Saturday. Fans flooded his twitter with b'day wishes (I was one of them). Some fans even organised everyone to tweet his b'day at the same time to make it a trending topic.

Rain tweeted some b'day photos (via @29rain) - he looks really happy. I would have loved to eat those cakes too. yum!

Update on my fan message to Rain -
I along with my friend Anh, have been flooding Rain with tweets to watch my fan message on Youtube. So far my vid has been watched 50 times. Rain fans have been sending me tweets about the vid:

kikibi1976 @tammii_ Hi My name is KiKi Thai people I watched your video for Rain .So cute.23 Jun

CloudyMJ @tammii_ Watched your fanvid.... you got lot's of Rain-goodies... :) 23 Jun

Thanks for the nice comments Rain Fans!

I'm not sure if Rain has watched the vid. He hasn't replied yet. I hope he does =D

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