Saturday, May 29, 2010

MBLAQ releases their application on the iPHONE

The iPAD was released in Australia last friday! A lot of people couldn't wait to get their hands on it so they lined up in the wee hours of the morning to buy it! A lot of celebrities like kpop's SNSD and Lee Hyori have released their own app on the iPHONE, which would probably be available on the iPAD too. MBLAQ has also joined the club, releasing their application after their 'Y' single was released. The size of the app is 52.4mb,you can access their concept photos, sample tracks from their album and watch their full music vids and preview teaser vids. Sounds pretty cool! If you have an iPHONE or an iPAD and you love MBLAQ, check out their new app.

Friday, May 28, 2010

28/5/10 Our Playlist for our Eurovision Special show

The theme for today's show is EUROVISION! In celebration of the largest talent song competition, we are playing songs that have the party, fun, crazy feel of EUROVISION. Hope you guys enjoyed today's show. Here is our playlist

Super Junior - Bonamana (no not banana - Bonamana means beauty, yes i was curious to find out what it meant =))
Ayumi Hamasaki - Is this love
Rain - Hip Song (The theme song to the new Karate Kid movie, starring Jackie Chan and Jayden Smith)
Utada - Beautiful Life
SS501 - Love ya (Yes i love you too SS501)
MBLAQ - Y (the ipad was released in melbourne today, and MBLAQ has got an app on the iphone so you can probably get that app on the ipad too! Their app allows you to preview songs, check out concept photos. )
Son Dambi - Bad Boy (Everyone seems to fall the bad ones)
Coco Lee - Transfer
Kangta and Vanness - Scandal
Anna Tschuiya - Rose (check out her movie Sakuran! It's visually amazing)

Friday, May 21, 2010

21/5/10 Vote for Rain and Me

Remember to put your votes in for Rain's MTV nomination for

I entered a SBS competition, so check out my entry here:

PLEASE vote for me!!!!! Thank you everyone!!!

21/5/10 CherriiPOP Playlist

Thanks for tuning in to another show jammed packed with awesome music. This is our best show so far!!! We had lots of song requests! So Thank you very much!

Son Dambi - Crazy
Utada Hikaru - Take 5
Big Bang - Make Love
Kiss - Because I'm a Girl
Anson Hu - Yin Le Rang Wo Shuo Ai Ni
Van Quang Long - Chuc em hanh phuc
Boa - Eat you up
T-ara - Falling you
Alan ke yu lun - Zero
Ayumi Hamasaki - Rainbow
Olivia - A little pain
Shin Mina - Kiss Kiss
Cyndi Wang - Yue Guang

Friday, May 14, 2010

Vote for Rain for MTV's 'Biggest Baddass Star'

Congrats to Rain for scoring a nomination for MTV's 'BiGGEST BaDDASS Star'! His nominated for his role in the action packed 'Ninja Assassin'! This is his first leading male role in a Western film. He trained himself to exhaustion doing martial arts and sculpting that amazing physique. If you haven't seen his training videos, you can check them out on YouTube. You'll be impressed!!!

He faces tough competition in this category, facing off with: Angelina Jolie (Wanted), Channing Tatum (GI Joe), Chris Pine (Star Trek), Sam Worthington (Avatar).

Vote for Rain here:

The MTV awards show will be airing on June 6th, so remember to vote for him before then. CherriiPOP will be voting for Rain! Hopefully he will take home the prize. We love you Rain!

14/5/10 CherriiPOP Music Show's Playlist

Our Second Show was better than the first one! We had more listeners!!!! We hope you enjoyed the show! Thanks for all the song requests!! Keep them coming. If you have any song dedications or shout outs, send them in via our facebook page or twitter @CherriiPOP and I will read them on air.

We still experienced some technical issues, sorry for the delay in broadcast. We will work on this and have a smoother show next time. Third time lucky! Podcasts still not available. We will try to podcast our next show.

The playlist for the show:

SNSD - Run Devil Run (KPOP)
2pm - Without you (KPOP)
Hyori Lee - Chitty chitty bang bang (KPOP)
Rainism - Rain (KPOP)
Peter Ho & Jang Nara - Wanna tell you (CPOP)
Nhu Quynh - Chuyen Tinh Buon (Sad love story) (VPOP)
Diem Lien - Xuan Mong (Spring Dreams) (VPOP)
Anson Hu - Ling Yi Ge Zi Ji (Breaking Free - from High School Musical) (CPOP)
Michelle & Vickie - Xie Xie Ni (CPOP)
Jerry Yan - Yi Gong Chi (CPOP)
Utada Hikaru - First Love (JPOP)
Coco Lee - The ninth night (CPOP)

Friday, May 7, 2010

7/5/10 Our Debut Show

Thanks to everyone that helped get this show off the ground!! Thanks to Linh and Lien for their technical assistance and for co-hosting. Our first show was awesome! I hope you all enjoyed listening.

The playlist for our first show is:
Rain - Love Song
K Will - Dream (A love to kill OST)
Utada Hikaru - This One (Crying like a child)
SS501 - Because I'm stupid
BOA - Every Heart
K - Only Human (1 Litre of tears OST)
Clazziquai - Sweety
Hyori Lee - Sadness
Big Bang - Lies

If you have any song requests,song dedications, please send it to us via our Facebook page or twitter @CherriiPOP

Remember to get your tix to Bao Han's Aussie Tour this July. Details are here

Tune in next Fri 7-9pm for more Kpop, Jpop, Vpop and Cpop!! - Tam