Tuesday, December 14, 2010

‘Honey it’s me’ – The cutesy virtual girlfriend iPhone application

On CherriiPOP, I have talked about virtual girlfriends before, they are quite popular in Japan where men carry around anime printed pillow covers. Now Lonely South Korean men who have trouble finding a girlfriend, can now receive phone calls from a virtual girlfriend via an iPhone application. They truly have an app for everything!

The ‘Honey, it’s me!’ was developed by Nabrix for iPhone was launched on November 30. This app has proven to be very popular; during it’s free trial period there were up to 80,000 downloads a day.

This is the first app where a virtual girlfriend named Mina, aged 22 will call the user several times a day to sweet talk. Her messages are all sugary like ‘Are you still sleeping? Time for breakfast!’ to ‘Good night, sweet dreams.’

A korean model has recorded the video and over 100 messages to warm up the hearts of single men.

It sounds like Mina is just toooooo sweet - that it is a little bit sickening. I think she needs to be a bit more realistic - to provide men with a more realistic experience of a relationship (or as real as it can be). Here is MY VERSION of the virtual girlfriend app.

After using my verion of the 'Honey it's me' app, I'm sure guys would enjoy single life more!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mobile Phone argument causes delays for 70,000 Japanese train passengers

Did you know that it was considered rude to talk on your mobile phone on public transport in Japan? People talk on phones all the time in Australia, it’s socially acceptable – it’s interesting that in Japan it’s not the same.

A passenger in Japan was talking on their phone whilst on the train and a man reportedly chastised them for their bad behaviour and asked them to get off at the next station to continue talking on their phone. A heated row broke out between the men and the emergency alarm was set off. The two men were escorted to the police station and underwent questioning before being released without charge.

A 47 minute train delay was caused, affecting 70,000 passengers travelling on that line. It’s all a bit odd to me because this argument is over such an insignificant thing and it caused so much trouble for the public.

In Japan manners are regarded as very important on public transport and this fact is emphasised on numerous ‘manner campaign’ posters on trains urging passengers to behave considerately to others. Key words: ‘Behave considerately to others’, that man should have just let it go and let the guy talk on the phone, rather than causing such havoc.

Reference: Telegraph

Rain’s enlistment plans

Rain has been delaying his military service for a while now due to work and study commitments, but he has announced that he will enter the military in the second half of 2011. Before then he will be filming a Hollywood film! Not much information about this project has been released yet. I will keep you updated.

Also on New Years Eve, Rain will be performing a special concert ‘Adieu 2010 with Rain’ in Korea. I wish I could attend that concert, it would be so awesome to welcome in the New Year with Rain! I love Rain!

Fans you can expect lots of Rain before he joins the army!!

Aussies Love Oprah!!!

Everyone is so excited that Oprah is in Australia! Oprah is here to film 2 special episodes for her show at the Opera House next Tuesday. She arrived on Tuesday last week and has been travelling all over Australia with her lucky 302 audience members. On Friday – she spent a day in Melbourne!!! Melbournians came out in full force to welcome her at her only public appearance at Federation Square. When she addressed the crowd she commented on how friendly Aussies are. We love Oprah!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have arrived in Australia to be guests on Oprah’s Aussie episodes. Prime Minister Julia Gillard will also be a guest on her show. I wonder what other surprises Oprah has in store for her fans!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Princess Masako

Princess Masako turns 47 today! Happy Birthday! Love CherriiPOP

The medical team for the Crown Prince's household also released a statement saying Princess Masako, who continues to receive treatment for a stress-induced illness, is "steadily recovering," although she remains unstable both physically and mentally.

Source: Japan Times

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Utada's farewell concert series in 2010

IMPORTANT NEWS! Utada's farewell concert series (on the 8th and 9th DEC) before her hiatus will be broadcasted LIVE on Ustream!

Her “WILD LIFE“ concerts are held,at Yokohama Arena. She wanted to farewell all her fans worldwide with this live broadcast.

Tune in via: Ustream channels: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wl1 (700kbps) http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wl2 (300kbps). Concerts will begin on December 8th at 7:00 pm.

To celebrate her concerts, CherriiPOP have put together a special 'Best of Utada' Clip. Hope you enjoy it! Can you name all of her songs in the clip?