Tuesday, December 14, 2010

‘Honey it’s me’ – The cutesy virtual girlfriend iPhone application

On CherriiPOP, I have talked about virtual girlfriends before, they are quite popular in Japan where men carry around anime printed pillow covers. Now Lonely South Korean men who have trouble finding a girlfriend, can now receive phone calls from a virtual girlfriend via an iPhone application. They truly have an app for everything!

The ‘Honey, it’s me!’ was developed by Nabrix for iPhone was launched on November 30. This app has proven to be very popular; during it’s free trial period there were up to 80,000 downloads a day.

This is the first app where a virtual girlfriend named Mina, aged 22 will call the user several times a day to sweet talk. Her messages are all sugary like ‘Are you still sleeping? Time for breakfast!’ to ‘Good night, sweet dreams.’

A korean model has recorded the video and over 100 messages to warm up the hearts of single men.

It sounds like Mina is just toooooo sweet - that it is a little bit sickening. I think she needs to be a bit more realistic - to provide men with a more realistic experience of a relationship (or as real as it can be). Here is MY VERSION of the virtual girlfriend app.

After using my verion of the 'Honey it's me' app, I'm sure guys would enjoy single life more!


  1. LOL, your's really behave like a jealous/real girlfriend.

    Recently my girlfriend finish our relationship, so I'll be more than happy to have an app like yours that remembers me how does it feel and keep me single.

  2. Hi Kmilo! LOL yeah I thought I should make the app a bit more realistic.

    Sorry to hear that! Hope you're ok! Enjoy single life, the right gal will come along =)