Monday, April 26, 2010

DVD Review: Rain's Coming (2007)- The World Tour (Japan version)

I bought this DVD when I was in Japan this year, it cost me 3000Yen (It was 50% off). I know, quite pricey! Included was a concert photobook, posters, postcards and 2 DVD set. Yes a pretty nice package, but considering the price they had to make it worthwhile for the fans.

Watching the concert DVD, I enjoyed it but I found it a bit short (less than 60 minutes). His It's Raining concert was a lot longer and I found him more playful in that concert; joking around a bit more. The Rain's coming DVD, the concept was military and war so it was more serious and I didn't connect with it as much. However, when i watched the Special Features DVD and saw the rehearsals, production of the show i appreciated the concert a lot more. You can see how hard Rain worked on every aspect of the show and how passionate he is. The problem with this DVD is it didn't have english subtitles so I had to guess what he was saying. When i watched the concert again, i liked it a bit more after seeing all the work behind the scenes.

I liked the extras given with this dvd, the postcard has some great shots of him in concert. The special features DVD was fascinating, seeing Rain doing his thing and working so hard. The concert wasn't my favourite but still enjoyable. I give it 7/10.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rain's Love Song dance rivals Beyonce's Single Ladies Dance?

Rain is back! After a break in the music industry to pursue his acting career in the United States, producing the all male r'n'b group MBLAQ on his own record label & releasing his own fashion line, Rain has finally released his 6th Studio album 'Back to the Basic'.

In the music video 'Love Song' (the debut song from his Back to the Basic album) we see Rain doing one of his hottest dance routines! Involving a lot of ab rolls. There have been a number of clips popping on youtube of people copying his ab roll dance. This dance routine could very much rival Beyonce's iconic Single Ladies dance routine. What do you guys think? Another thought just came in to my head, wouldn't it be awesome if Rain and Beyonce (THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS) do a duet and put together the sickest dance routine ever for the music vid? I know! I'll just put it out there in the universe for now =P and see what happens

Friday, April 23, 2010

VPOP's Princess Bao Han to Farewell her Aussie Fans in July 2010

Vpop's princess Bao Han, one of the most loved and successful artists has announced her retirement from the music industry after 2010 on her website Known for re-inventing herself throughout her music career (always changing her hair color =P ), she always showed different sides of her to her fans and was constantly surprising them. After 18 years in the music industry, Bao Han decided it was time to start a new chapter in her life and move back to her home town in Vienna. Through a heartfelt letter to her fans she shares the struggle she faced in making her decision but explains she knew it was the right time to retire and she asks her fans for their understanding. You can read her full letter on her website

After her retirment announcement was made, an outpour of messages from her fans were written on her facebook fanpage, expressing there love for her and sadness that she is retiring. Fan msgs include:

- No Bao Han, I dont want u to leave the stage, the only reason I watch Thuy Nga [Productions], is watching you perform ;(

- sis Ha^n oi!! thank you for everything u did it for us...i feel so sad when this is the last time u to perform on the PBN stage :((...u r still the wishes for sis...

Bao Han is spending 2010 touring the world to farewell all her fans in person, giving them the chance to see her perform live one last time. YES!!! She has announced she will be touring Australia and farewelling her Aussie Fans. Be sure to catch her live in person for her final curtain call in Australia!! Come out and show your love and support for Vpop's Princess Bao Han!

Tour dates

Sydney - 9th July 2010. 7:30pm @Silver Pearl 1/11 John St, Cabramatta 02 9755 0091

Adelaide - 10th July 2010. 7:30pm @Domkopernika Hall, 260 Grand Junbion Road, Athol Park

Melbourne - 11th July. 7:30pm @Dai Duong 5/56 Hopskin St, Footscray VIC 03 9639 9899

Thursday, April 22, 2010

CherriiPOP Music Show Debut

CherriPOP Music Show on Monash Radio will be launching soon on your airwaves. Stay Tuned

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