Monday, April 26, 2010

DVD Review: Rain's Coming (2007)- The World Tour (Japan version)

I bought this DVD when I was in Japan this year, it cost me 3000Yen (It was 50% off). I know, quite pricey! Included was a concert photobook, posters, postcards and 2 DVD set. Yes a pretty nice package, but considering the price they had to make it worthwhile for the fans.

Watching the concert DVD, I enjoyed it but I found it a bit short (less than 60 minutes). His It's Raining concert was a lot longer and I found him more playful in that concert; joking around a bit more. The Rain's coming DVD, the concept was military and war so it was more serious and I didn't connect with it as much. However, when i watched the Special Features DVD and saw the rehearsals, production of the show i appreciated the concert a lot more. You can see how hard Rain worked on every aspect of the show and how passionate he is. The problem with this DVD is it didn't have english subtitles so I had to guess what he was saying. When i watched the concert again, i liked it a bit more after seeing all the work behind the scenes.

I liked the extras given with this dvd, the postcard has some great shots of him in concert. The special features DVD was fascinating, seeing Rain doing his thing and working so hard. The concert wasn't my favourite but still enjoyable. I give it 7/10.

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