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CherriiPOP playlist for 27/10/10

Thank you for listening to our 3rd last show for the year!!!!! I hope you guys enjoyed the music and stories on the show. Here is our playlist. Remember to tune in next week for our 2nd last show for the year! I have special guests joining me in the studio

Jolin Tsai – Love Player
Zia – Crying Blowing
SG Wannabe – Sunflower
2pm – I’ll be back
Fripside – Belief
Yui – Rain
Davichi – Separating twice
SNSD - Gee

Odd things I saw… Micro homes in Japan

Japan’s economy is struggling at the moment and a lot of young couples who cannot afford the typical ‘cramped housing’ their parents live in or take out a substantial loan due to no job security are preferring to live in microhouses. These micro homes are the size of a shoebox! Actually they are about the size of a carpark! These homes are multi-levelled with each room (living room, bedroom) stacked on top of each other like lego. Inside everything is miniature sized with small closets that would horrify many women and a scaled down kitchen.

Commdesign sells custom designed homes for $171,000 to $214,000. Young couples don’t mind the lack of space because they can live in the city close to all the amenities they require.

What do you think of these micro homes? Some people might find it claustrophobic. I think I can live in it for a bit but I don’t think I can live in it long term. One of the upsides of living in a micro home is housecleaning will be a breeze.

I posted up photos on our facebook and twitter so have a look at some uber cool designed micro homes.

Reference: New York Times, Architecture

Thursday, October 28, 2010

NIKITA finally premiered on GO!

The TV Show NIKITA starring action star Maggie Q finally premiered on GO! this week (Thursday 9:30pm). I have been anticipating for this show to air in Australia for months. I watched the first episode last night and I loved it! I always love a watching a chick kick butt on screen.

It’s very cool that they cast movie action star Maggie Q in the lead role. She’s a great actress and very tough chick, she does a lot of the stunts herself. She doesn’t mind getting a few bruises. I am a fan of the Nikita series in the 90’s starring Aussie Peta Wilson. The storyline focus has changed a bit because in the 90’s it focussed on her transformation in to a deadly assassin under the intense eye of the secret organisation. This new series focuses on Nikita’s life after she leaves the organisation and she takes revenge on them. The Nikita movie and series in the 90’s ended when she leaves the organisation, so the storyline for this new series will be completely new and exciting.

In the debut episode you see Nikita plotting and planning her revenge. It appears that she is working alone but in fact one of her allies is revealed. There are a lot of action sequences in this episode and its production is comparable to a blockbuster action film.

I can’t wait for the next episode and see how the story develops!

Utada on Twitter this week

Utada fans! Are you guys following her on twitter? She is a total twitter bug and she tweeted some interesting things this week. Last week on the show I mentioned that in addition to the release of her Singles Collection Volume 2, a best of English album will also be released. All her hit English songs will be released in a brand new album. Utada tweeted about this, unlike other artists that plug their albums Utada wrote:

The release of "Utada the best" is entirely against my will. I wish that my fans won't have to buy it. There's no new material in it. Monday, October 25, 2010 2:02:07 AM via web

It’s interesting that Utada doesn’t get the final say on this because she has a lot of control over her music career. I think her record label wants her to release it because she is going on an indefinite break from the music industry at the end of the year, so it would be meaningful if she would also release the best of English album.

Another interesting tweet she wrote during the week was:

Philippines, Finland, Vietnam, Austria, Germany, my my! I need to travel more! BTW Vietnamese is my fave Asian cuisine after Japanese :) Sunday, October 24, 2010 9:30:26 PM via web

It’s so cool to know that she enjoys Vietnamese food! I love Vietnamese food too well I am bias because I’m Vietnamese. Vietnamese food is fresh of full of flavour. My second favourite cuisine would probably be Japanese because I love sushi and sashimi a lot.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The superstar guitar prodigy from Japan

Yuto Miyazawa is not your ordinary 10 year old kid from Japan. He has an extraordinary gift, he is a guitar prodigy! The Guinness Book of World Records has honoured him with the title: Youngest Professional Guitarist. Yuto has the world at his feet! He has already performed in concert with his idol Ozzy Osbourne and appeared on the The Ellen show.

Yuto has already got a manager and has been doing some concerts in the US. It’s tough on Yuto because to play for a heavy metal audience he has to stay up late to perform. That isn’t common for a typical ten year old but Yuto enjoys playing in front of a crowd. He has a star presence on stage; engaging with the band and has the confidence to improvise.

His passion for Heavy metal is evident because he is a walking Encyclopaedia; he knows all about the history and legends in the area. Yuto also owns quite an impressive collection of guitars, currently his collection consist of 10 guitars.

Being such a young performer you may think that he had stage parents that pushed him in front of the spotlight, but that is not the case at all. They recognise his talent and are supportive of it. They maintain a relatively normal lifestyle. Yuto’s father works at a bank, his mother a housewife. Yuto goes to school and only tours during the school holidays.

Yuto was only 24 months when he first got his hand on the guitar and he loved it. Just shy of his fourth birthday he started guitar lessons.

Yuto says “My dad used to be better than me at guitar, but now he’s given up.”

Yuto is also a singer, currently his vocal talents are overshadowed by his extraordinary guitar skills. Songwriting is also another area he is interested in. Keep an eye out for this serious rocker!

If you haven’t come across Yuto’s ridiculous guitar playing skills you can find videos of him on Youtube! His a HUGE hit on YouTube.

Single Lady got Hitched to Herself

There was an interesting story about a Taiwanese woman this week. We all know Beyonce’s huge hit song ‘Single Ladies’. Part of the lyrics go ‘If you like it you better put a ring on it’. Well 30 year old office worker Chen Wei-Yih defied that song and she didn’t need a man to ‘put a ring’ on her hand, she did it herself and MARRIED HERSELF!

She hoped that by marrying herself other people will love themselves and not feel like failures if they were in their thirties and unmarried.

Chen really spoilt herself and planned a wedding for herself! She hired a wedding planner, photographer, banquet hall and sent out wedding invites to 30 of her friends. The wedding costs totalled to $5,700 – a very good price for a wedding! I wonder how much her dress would cost? She is also planning a honeymoon for herself to Australia!

She states that she is not against the traditional marriage, but she wanted to express a different idea within the bounds of tradition. She said “age 30 is a prime period for me. My work and experience are in good shape, but I haven’t found a partner, so what can I do?”

Chen’s marriage to herself has won a lot of supporters online. It was also reported that the ceremony isn’t legal and doesn’t recognise Chen as married. In the future if Chen meets Mr. Right, she will not have to divorce herself to get married. So that is good news for Chen. I can’t imagine how messy it would be for her to divorce herself, oh the legal battles and did she think about a pre-nup? LOLz

This story goes back to what I was talking about before. Self gifting and I think throwing yourself a wedding is a massive self gift! I wish her all the happiness in the world!

Reference: ninemsn

Friday, October 22, 2010

CherriiPOP playlist for 22/10/10

Hope you all liked our LADIES NIGHT themed show! Featuring the Best Female Vocalists and Girl Groups!
Bao Han – Niem Hon Vui
Bao Han – 99 Red Balloons
Elva Hsiao -抱緊你
Jolin Tsai – Nothing left to say
Utada Hikaru – Colors
Jessica (SNSD) – Sweet Delight
Son Dambi – Cry eye
Ayumi Hamasaki – Virgin Road
SNSD – Oh!

We have 3 more shows left! Remember to tune in on Fridays 7pm Melbourne Eastern time =D

Odd things My Friend saw… Fruit prices in Japan

Fruit in Japan is super expensive and only wealthy can afford it. The prices for fruit have lowered slightly over the past few years due to imports from China. Buying a piece of fruit will hurt your hip pocket greatly!

My friends took some photos of the fruit and the prices are unbelievably crazy!

box of strawberries 6,300yen = 80AUD

1 rockmelon 31,500yen = 397 AUD

Well a fruit salad will probably set you back a few thousand.....

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Solar Powered Toothbrush (Japan)

There are so many toothbrushes on the market today. Some fancy features of toothbrushes include rubber grips for your hand, angular bristles, tongue cleaner and of course the motorised toothbrushes.

Well the Japanese company Shiken is currently testing a cool and green toothbrush they invented. It’s a solar powered toothbrush that doesn’t require toothpaste! Sounds cool hey?

How does it work? The Soladey-J3X (Sounds like an anime character) toothbrush has a solar panel at the base that transmits electrons to the top of the toothbrush through a lead wire. The electrons react with the acid in the mouth, creating a chemical reaction that breaks down the plaque and kills bacteria. Interesting, I am a chemist and I really want to know what that reaction pathway is. Does that mean you don’t need to rinse after you brush your teeth?

These toothbrushes have been tested on nefarious bacteria cultures that cause periodontal disease. Results found all the bacterial cells were completely destroyed. Interesting! These toothbrushes don’t consume a lot of energy, which is good... However, standard toothbrushes don’t require any energy at all.

I can think of one major problem for these solar toothbrushes; what happens when you brush your teeth at night and there is no sunlight to charge your toothbrush? I guess the solution to that is: you have to resort back to toothpaste =P

Fines for picking up acorns in public, South Korea

It’s interesting reading about what you can get fined for in different countries. In Australia you will be fined for jaywalking. In Japan, shopkeepers will get fined if they don’t keep their shop front as in the pavement spick and span.

In South Korea, people who are caught picking acorns in national theme parks will be hit with a heavy fine or even time behind bars. A government organisation said these measures are necessary to improve survival rates of wildlife.

The Korea National Park Service will heavily monitor the grounds to ensure people don’t pick nuts, fruits or berries. People picking up a few handfuls will be fined 100,000 won (100USD). In more severe cases, people may face up to 3 years in prison or a fine up to 30 million won (~27,000USD).

During autumn, the acorn season wildlife such as squirrels and Asian Black Bears rely on oak as a major food source. Asian black bears are categorised as Level 1 on the Endangered Species List.

Ref: Korea Times

When you think the iPad/iPhone couldn’t get cooler

I am a bit of a traditionalist you could say; I like my tech gadgets to have physical buttons. But after reading all these innovative things the iPad can do, I kind of want to get my hands on one.

At the recent Tech exhibition: Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (Ceatec), iPad self ordering menus were showcased. Restaurants can leave these iPad menus on the tables and customers can browse through the menu and photos and order everything by selecting it on the screen. I posted up a demo video on facebook so check it out and see how cool it is. However this is bad news for waiters and waitresses.

I came across a cool youtube video where a man is doing magic with the ipad! It’s very cool! You have to watch it! He makes real items appear in iPad… very clever video.

The final story I want to talk about is a really romantic iPhone story. Chad Clay from America is a technology geek and he came up with a really original way to propose to his girlfriend Vy Luong.

You know, iPhone ads are shot against a white background with a hand demonstrating all the functionalities of the iPhone. Funky music is played over the top. Well Chad decided to make his own iPhone ad with his own music that he composed. In his ad it started out like any other ad but then personal photos of him and Vy appear with romantic messages he writes for Vy and at the end of the video he proposes. It’s such a romantic video.

He made the video now where and how should he show Vy? He had quite an elaborate plan. Chad took Vy out on a date to the movies and they sat through watching the ads that appear on the screen. Then this iPhone ad comes up and Vy thought it was just another ad, but suddenly her pictures comes up and all these wonderful messages are displayed. When Vy was watching the ad she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, why was she on the screen then she finally saw the proposal and she got overwhelmed with emotion. Chad got down on one knee and proposed and Vy accepted. You guys have to watch the video it’s so admirable and romantic. That is such an original, clever, romantic way to propose. Guys take note and put some serious thought in how you ask one of the biggest questions in your life!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The BIGGEST CherriiPOP NEWS! VPOP Princess Bao Han ‘likes’ our Facebook page & sent us a message

We’re huge fans of Vpop Princess Bao Han at CherriiPOP! Bao Han has sent us a message on facebook and ‘likes’ our page! It is the REAL Bao Han! I’m over the moon!

Bao Hao has been touring the world to farewell her fans during 2010. She will retire at the end of the year. Remember to join her official facebook page and tell her how much you love her! What her music has meant to you!

Feeling hungry? You can now eat your train ticket

Everyday I catch the train to and from work and a lot of the time I get a bit hungry and want to snack on something. Well, railway passengers in Japan have some pretty cool snacks to snack on when travelling on the train: their train ticket. Yup! They sell edible train tickets, priced at 1,500 yen (18AUD). The ticket is made out of Nanbu-senbei cracker with edible ink printed on it. The ticket is 10 cm in diameter, so pocket size.

It’s a pretty cool train ticket, but as a cracker it is one expensive cracker! The shelf life of the edible train tickets are 3 months.

President of Aoimori Railway, Itaru Seki said: “It’s a commemorative ticket. I hope passengers will put it on display after riding our train”.

These crackers don’t make really good ‘commemorative tickets’ because they have an expiry date, so you can’t keep them for long otherwise they will get mouldy. I think if they wanted to make a ticket for keepsake they should have made a cool hologram plastic ticket. Well that is my thinking. Knowing me, I get hungry on the train a lot so the ticket will surely end up in my stomach during the trip.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Odd things I saws… Binary number watch

All the technology geeks will like this weeks Odd things I saw. Last Friday after the show I went to dinner with my close friends and we were sitting around waiting for our meals and I noticed my friends interesting watch from afar. It looked like it had little strokes lined up parallel across the watch. When you look at it up close it doesn’t look like a watch at all! It doesn’t have clock hands but it has the numbers 0 and 1 running across it with lots of tiny flashing lights. It was a binary number watch!

It was the first time I saw such a thing and it is definitely the coolest watch in the world!

What are binary numbers? Well its used in computer programming and I use to be pro with binary numbers. Remember in Matrix when the numbers 0 and 1 were running down the computer screen well that’s binary numbers. It’s coding and you need to add it up to get different numbers. That’s binary numbers explained in a nutshell. I’ll post a youtube video explaining what binary numbers is.

So basically to tell the time on these binary number watches you have to do some maths. That got me thinking, why would you want a digital watch when you can get a binary number watch and do some math to tell the time? Or why would you want to send an SMS when you can send Morse code? LOL! I’m just teasing, I think it’s geeky and very cool! It’s so ‘Big Bang Theory’ isn’t it? I bet Sheldon owns a binary number watch.

SBS Asian Double Feature Film for tonight 15/10/10

Every Friday SBS TWO airs 2 movies from Asian Cinema! If you love Asian Cinema, be sure to tune in. The movies on tonight are

9:30 pm - The Princess Blade (Japan).

Awesome Action movie. I watched it a few years ago! From memory it was a bit gory but I really liked the storyline.

11:10 - Confessions of Pain (HK)

This film stars 2 of my fave actors Tony Leung and Takeshi Kaneshiro. I tried watching it but I didn't find the story very interesting. I ended up not finishing the film. Let me know what you think of it

Utada Hikaru’s Talented Music Family!!

Utada Hikaru will also be leaving the music business at the end of the year. Unlike Bao Han, Utada isn’t retiring but taking a break. She’s a newbie to twitter, she only joined about 2 weeks ago and she has become quite a regular tweeter.

She tweets to her fans a lot. One fan asked what she likes to sing at karaoke and she said Disney songs and some of her own songs! Imagine going to karaoke with Utada! I’ll be too intimidated to sing in front of her! Because I’m so bad haha…

She also said sang some of her mum’s songs at karaoke. She said her mum was a famous enka singer.

Utada tweeted:
Enka has a very particular style of singing, lyrics are often very sad, and my mother didn't want it to influence my singing, or my life..’

Utada told all her followers to google her mum. Of course I did and her mum Utada Junko is very beautiful and she was very famous and successful Enka artist. Junko’s debut album ‘Woman in Shinjuku/'Star of Enka' All of Keiko Fuji’ topped the Oricon charts for an impressive 20 consecutive weeks.

I also found out that Utada’s father Teruzane Utada is also in the music industry, he is a record producer and manager. When he married Junko he managed her career. Utada Hikaru is the only child and of course Teruzane oversaw his daughters career as well.

The Utada’s have been a huge part of Jpop making Jpop history. They are one talented family!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Paris By Night 100 Concert - Las Vegas out on DVD

The DVD for Paris By Night 100 was released and I got my lucky paws on a copy.

For those of you who don’t know, Paris by Night is one of the largest Vpop international concerts that used to be based in France but is now based in the US. The production company behind the Paris by Night concerts is Thuy Nga and they have been staging concerts for nearly 30 years. This year, the year of the Tiger they celebrated their landmark 100th show. Congrats to Paris by Night for this AMAZING achievement!

Paris by Night is a huge part of the Vietnamese community around the world. Every one watches the shows. My family and I are huge fans of the show, I grew up watching the show. I have seen all 100 shows of Paris By Night. Every show gets bigger, better more elaborate. For their 100th show they staged a spectacular show that consisted of Vpop superstars and legends.

There were so many amazing moment in the show! It’s not surprising since it is a 4-5 hour concert. One of the standout moments was Bao Han’s performance singing ‘My Shining Star’. This performance was particularly significant because it was Bao Han’s final performance on Paris By Night. She was discovered by Thuy Nga when she was teenager and since her debut she has become the Vpop princess. After 18 years in the music industry, she announced that she will retire at the end of 2010 and PBN 100 would be her final appearance.

Earlier this year I mentioned that Bao Han announced on her website at the end of last year about her retirement and she said she will travel the world in 2010 to farewell all her fans.

During her last performance, images of her career were flashing on the big screens. She has gone through many transformations as an artist; exploring many sides of herself. Her final performance was one of her best performances in her career. When the song ended she was overcome with emotion and it finally hit me that she won’t appear in any more PBN! She did an interview after her performance and she tried to keep it together and thank everyone who have supported and guided her throughout the years. I started to get teary too! I wish her all the best for her next chapter in her life!

Bao Han has an official facebook page, I’ll post up the link so you can become a fan of hers. Remember to tell her how much you love her music!

You can get your own copy of Paris By Night 100 at their online store!

Commonwealth Games 2010 Week 2 and Wrap up

Delhi The Aussie Team have been absolutely brilliant at these Commonwealth Games. Many triumphs were witnessed.

One of these stories include Geoff Huegill’s gold medal win! His road to these Commonwealth Games is truly inspirational He retired from swimming in 2004, he gained some weight and lost his athletic physique. In 2008 he announced that he will return to competitive swimming so he worked diligently to lose the excess weight and trained to be an elite athlete again. To compete at this year’s game at the age of 31, he is considered quite the veteran in the sport. Maybe this win will make him eye the 2012 Olympics in London.

Another golden story from this year’s game is Sally Pearson’s. She got the fairytale ending that she deserved, winning the gold medal in the 100m hurdles event. Last week she won the gold medal in the 100m sprint event but after protest from the English team, she was disqualified of her medal due to a false start. What a nightmare for Sally to go through. It’s truly admirable that she overcame all that and was able to focus on her 100m hurdles event win the top prize.

Following the Commonwealth games was really exciting because Australia won gold medals everyday. Absolutely incredible! One of my favourite events is the Rhythmic Gymnastics and it was awesome to see that Australia won gold medals in this event at these games. That win reminded me of the Canadian Commonwealth Games in 1994 when Australia’s Kasumi Takahashi won an incredible 5 gold medals in the different Rhythmic Gymnastic events. She was just flawless in all her routines!

Did anyone stay up last night to watch the closing ceremony? You know I tried but like the opening ceremony I fell asleep and did not catch any of the action. So this morning I had to read about the event in the news and have a look at the photos. It looked incredible especially the laser show. On the news this morning I heard that they booked the European Laser company only last Tuesday! The Laser company somehow scrambled in the short period of time to put on a great laser show for the Comm Games. Kudos to them.

The Final Medal Tally Update

1 Australia G74 S55 B48 Total: 177
2 India G38 S27 B36 Total: 101
3 England G37 S59 B46 Total: 142

Ref: The Age

Thursday, October 7, 2010

KMovie Review: 3-Iron

I’m always amazed by Korean movies: it’s bold, daring, fresh and innovative. The Korean film industry have produced many modern classics in the past decade like The Vengeance trilogy which includes ‘Sympathy for Lady Vengeance’, My Sassy Girl, Bittersweet Life to name a few. 3-Iron is also a modern classic, it’s quite a gem.

The saying ‘Action can speak louder than words’ is demonstrated in 3-Iron. The film makers set out an ambitious task of making essentially a silent film. Only one sentence is spoken throughout the film and you can imagine how significant that sentence would be in the film. Although the film lacks dialogue, it does not lack in content. A lot of emotions are conveyed in the two leading stars. There amazing and subtle performances draws you in to there world.

The plot is very interesting. It revolves around a young man who breaks in to people’s vacant houses and he stays there for the night. His not a thief, he just needs a place to sleep. He does his washing, cleans up the house then leaves and finds another house to stay. He has a bit of a shadow low key existence. One day he broke in to a house he thought was empty but finds out that it wasn’t and he meets a pretty lady. An interesting relationship develops between them two and she eventually becomes his ally.

This is a very fascinating film. I highly recommend you to watch it and luckily SBS are airing this film tonight! Tune in at 9:30pm on SBSTwo. Let me know what you think of it =D

Kimchi Crisis

Kimchi is a staple vegetable in the Korean diet and it’s always eaten with every meal. Koreans have a very spicy palette, they love chilli so much they put a huge amount of it in their cooking. I remember the first time I ate Korean food, it was so hot it felt like smoke was coming out of my ears. The kimchi side dish is spicy too, it contains lots of chilli as well but it is quite tasty.

Photo of a typical meal I ate in Korea. Look at all the little side dishes! This is for LUNCH!!!

The traditional kimchi making season has come under threat due to shortage of fresh vegetables! The shortage was caused by unusually heavy rainfall for the past few months. That has resulted in cabbage prices to skyrocket to 10,000 won (10AUD) per napa cabbage, which is four times the normal price.

The prices of other important ingredients in Korean diets like radish and garlic are also experiencing inflation.

Kimchi manufacturers have already raised the prices of their products. Even restaurants have started to charge for kimchi, which is usually a complementary dish in Korean meals.

The traditional kimchi making season occurs at the end of fall. Families will busily make kimchi for the winter. However, due to soaring vegetable prices it is expected to hit the nation right at the hip pocket.

A Korean restaurant owner said, “I’m not sure if I should start to charge kimchi or exclude it from the side dishes. I have never experienced such a shortage of cabbage in my ten years as a chef running this restaurant.”

Many housewives have decided to skip kimchi making season altogether due to the inflated prices.

The government have taken action due to this huge concern; they will lower taxes on some of the vegetables and import 150 tonnes of fresh vegetables from China. These actions will help stabilise consumer prices after they hit a 17 month high in September.

Ref: Korean Herald

Happy Weddings on 10-10-10

Many couples will be getting married this Sunday! Coincidence? No, in fact this date is an auspicious date to get married because the day, month and year are the same 10-10-10. In Asia, people believe that when you get married on this date you will live a happy life together. In the past, the dates 08-08-08 and 09-09-09 were highly popular for weddings for the same reason. In addition the numbers 8 and 9 are considered to be lucky numbers in China and Vietnam.

If you are planning to get married in the future there are two more dates that are considered auspicious 11-11-11 and 12-12-12. Key those dates in your diary!

Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 Week 1

Delhi Commonwealth Games 2010 Week 1

The Australians have been making quite an impact at the Delhi Commonwealth Games.

Geoff Huegill, he made his spectacular comeback in the pool winning a silver medal in the event 50m butterfly. His road back to the swimming pool wasn’t an easy one. He retired from swimming in 2004, he relaxed out of his strict training and diet regime and he put on a fair bit of weight. In 2008 he announced he would be making his comeback to the sport and it was a battle for him to lose the weight. He had to discipline himself with his diet and intense training. It was reported that he had lost more than 40 kg (from 138kg) for his Delhi Commonwealth Games comeback. Geoff Huegill’s race was so close, it did look like he could have taken the gold, it was not neck and neck; it was more like fingernail and fingernail.

There has been a lot of drama at the games with a few Aussie athletes causing quite a stir by throwing a birdie (rude finger gesture) to the umpires/judges. Yesterday Sally Pearson was faced with every athlete’s nightmare; she was stripped of her gold medal in the 100m sprint event. Pearson was told of her disqualification hours after she did her celebratory victory lap. Her disqualified false start comes after a successful protest by the English team. Australia launched an appeal but it was rejected by the jury. England’s sprinter Laura Turner was disqualified due to her illegal start and it appeared Pearson had also jumped the starting gun. Awful outcome to Pearson’s fairytale win. She still has one more event to compete in the 100m hurdles, I hope she can triumph in it and take home her gold medal.

Medal Tally Update as of Friday 8th October:
The Australians are experiencing a gold rush at the games sweeping an incredible 32 gold medals so far and that puts them at the number 1 nation on the medal tally. A total of 70 medals have been won. The events that Aussies are dominating in include swimming and cycling.

India comes in at No 2. on the medal tally with 14 gold medals, England is third with 12 medals, then Canada with 11 medals.


Friday, October 1, 2010

CherriiPOP Music show 1/10/10 playlist

Happy first of October everyone. Thanks for listening this week. Here is our playlist

CN Blue - I don't know why
Anna Tsuchiya - I believe in Love
Miyavi - Torture
Kelly Chen - My Weakness and Endurance
Kuwata Keisuke - Darling
Perfume - Love the world
Jerry Yan - Say I love you in KTV
Boa - copy and paste
Utada Hikaru - Simple and Clean

Odd things my friend saw... kawaii Police mascots at Police station, Japan

My friend took this photo on her holiday in Japan! You think Police would want you to be highly respectful of them and maybe fear them a little (well you hope the bad guys fear them). However, in front of the Japanese police station they have two cute police statues that you just want to pinch their cheeks! How can you fear the police when they have such a friendly image??