Thursday, October 7, 2010

KMovie Review: 3-Iron

I’m always amazed by Korean movies: it’s bold, daring, fresh and innovative. The Korean film industry have produced many modern classics in the past decade like The Vengeance trilogy which includes ‘Sympathy for Lady Vengeance’, My Sassy Girl, Bittersweet Life to name a few. 3-Iron is also a modern classic, it’s quite a gem.

The saying ‘Action can speak louder than words’ is demonstrated in 3-Iron. The film makers set out an ambitious task of making essentially a silent film. Only one sentence is spoken throughout the film and you can imagine how significant that sentence would be in the film. Although the film lacks dialogue, it does not lack in content. A lot of emotions are conveyed in the two leading stars. There amazing and subtle performances draws you in to there world.

The plot is very interesting. It revolves around a young man who breaks in to people’s vacant houses and he stays there for the night. His not a thief, he just needs a place to sleep. He does his washing, cleans up the house then leaves and finds another house to stay. He has a bit of a shadow low key existence. One day he broke in to a house he thought was empty but finds out that it wasn’t and he meets a pretty lady. An interesting relationship develops between them two and she eventually becomes his ally.

This is a very fascinating film. I highly recommend you to watch it and luckily SBS are airing this film tonight! Tune in at 9:30pm on SBSTwo. Let me know what you think of it =D

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