Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The superstar guitar prodigy from Japan

Yuto Miyazawa is not your ordinary 10 year old kid from Japan. He has an extraordinary gift, he is a guitar prodigy! The Guinness Book of World Records has honoured him with the title: Youngest Professional Guitarist. Yuto has the world at his feet! He has already performed in concert with his idol Ozzy Osbourne and appeared on the The Ellen show.

Yuto has already got a manager and has been doing some concerts in the US. It’s tough on Yuto because to play for a heavy metal audience he has to stay up late to perform. That isn’t common for a typical ten year old but Yuto enjoys playing in front of a crowd. He has a star presence on stage; engaging with the band and has the confidence to improvise.

His passion for Heavy metal is evident because he is a walking Encyclopaedia; he knows all about the history and legends in the area. Yuto also owns quite an impressive collection of guitars, currently his collection consist of 10 guitars.

Being such a young performer you may think that he had stage parents that pushed him in front of the spotlight, but that is not the case at all. They recognise his talent and are supportive of it. They maintain a relatively normal lifestyle. Yuto’s father works at a bank, his mother a housewife. Yuto goes to school and only tours during the school holidays.

Yuto was only 24 months when he first got his hand on the guitar and he loved it. Just shy of his fourth birthday he started guitar lessons.

Yuto says “My dad used to be better than me at guitar, but now he’s given up.”

Yuto is also a singer, currently his vocal talents are overshadowed by his extraordinary guitar skills. Songwriting is also another area he is interested in. Keep an eye out for this serious rocker!

If you haven’t come across Yuto’s ridiculous guitar playing skills you can find videos of him on Youtube! His a HUGE hit on YouTube.

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