Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Feeling hungry? You can now eat your train ticket

Everyday I catch the train to and from work and a lot of the time I get a bit hungry and want to snack on something. Well, railway passengers in Japan have some pretty cool snacks to snack on when travelling on the train: their train ticket. Yup! They sell edible train tickets, priced at 1,500 yen (18AUD). The ticket is made out of Nanbu-senbei cracker with edible ink printed on it. The ticket is 10 cm in diameter, so pocket size.

It’s a pretty cool train ticket, but as a cracker it is one expensive cracker! The shelf life of the edible train tickets are 3 months.

President of Aoimori Railway, Itaru Seki said: “It’s a commemorative ticket. I hope passengers will put it on display after riding our train”.

These crackers don’t make really good ‘commemorative tickets’ because they have an expiry date, so you can’t keep them for long otherwise they will get mouldy. I think if they wanted to make a ticket for keepsake they should have made a cool hologram plastic ticket. Well that is my thinking. Knowing me, I get hungry on the train a lot so the ticket will surely end up in my stomach during the trip.

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