Friday, October 15, 2010

Odd things I saws… Binary number watch

All the technology geeks will like this weeks Odd things I saw. Last Friday after the show I went to dinner with my close friends and we were sitting around waiting for our meals and I noticed my friends interesting watch from afar. It looked like it had little strokes lined up parallel across the watch. When you look at it up close it doesn’t look like a watch at all! It doesn’t have clock hands but it has the numbers 0 and 1 running across it with lots of tiny flashing lights. It was a binary number watch!

It was the first time I saw such a thing and it is definitely the coolest watch in the world!

What are binary numbers? Well its used in computer programming and I use to be pro with binary numbers. Remember in Matrix when the numbers 0 and 1 were running down the computer screen well that’s binary numbers. It’s coding and you need to add it up to get different numbers. That’s binary numbers explained in a nutshell. I’ll post a youtube video explaining what binary numbers is.

So basically to tell the time on these binary number watches you have to do some maths. That got me thinking, why would you want a digital watch when you can get a binary number watch and do some math to tell the time? Or why would you want to send an SMS when you can send Morse code? LOL! I’m just teasing, I think it’s geeky and very cool! It’s so ‘Big Bang Theory’ isn’t it? I bet Sheldon owns a binary number watch.

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