Thursday, October 21, 2010

When you think the iPad/iPhone couldn’t get cooler

I am a bit of a traditionalist you could say; I like my tech gadgets to have physical buttons. But after reading all these innovative things the iPad can do, I kind of want to get my hands on one.

At the recent Tech exhibition: Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies (Ceatec), iPad self ordering menus were showcased. Restaurants can leave these iPad menus on the tables and customers can browse through the menu and photos and order everything by selecting it on the screen. I posted up a demo video on facebook so check it out and see how cool it is. However this is bad news for waiters and waitresses.

I came across a cool youtube video where a man is doing magic with the ipad! It’s very cool! You have to watch it! He makes real items appear in iPad… very clever video.

The final story I want to talk about is a really romantic iPhone story. Chad Clay from America is a technology geek and he came up with a really original way to propose to his girlfriend Vy Luong.

You know, iPhone ads are shot against a white background with a hand demonstrating all the functionalities of the iPhone. Funky music is played over the top. Well Chad decided to make his own iPhone ad with his own music that he composed. In his ad it started out like any other ad but then personal photos of him and Vy appear with romantic messages he writes for Vy and at the end of the video he proposes. It’s such a romantic video.

He made the video now where and how should he show Vy? He had quite an elaborate plan. Chad took Vy out on a date to the movies and they sat through watching the ads that appear on the screen. Then this iPhone ad comes up and Vy thought it was just another ad, but suddenly her pictures comes up and all these wonderful messages are displayed. When Vy was watching the ad she couldn’t believe what she was seeing, why was she on the screen then she finally saw the proposal and she got overwhelmed with emotion. Chad got down on one knee and proposed and Vy accepted. You guys have to watch the video it’s so admirable and romantic. That is such an original, clever, romantic way to propose. Guys take note and put some serious thought in how you ask one of the biggest questions in your life!

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