Thursday, October 14, 2010

Paris By Night 100 Concert - Las Vegas out on DVD

The DVD for Paris By Night 100 was released and I got my lucky paws on a copy.

For those of you who don’t know, Paris by Night is one of the largest Vpop international concerts that used to be based in France but is now based in the US. The production company behind the Paris by Night concerts is Thuy Nga and they have been staging concerts for nearly 30 years. This year, the year of the Tiger they celebrated their landmark 100th show. Congrats to Paris by Night for this AMAZING achievement!

Paris by Night is a huge part of the Vietnamese community around the world. Every one watches the shows. My family and I are huge fans of the show, I grew up watching the show. I have seen all 100 shows of Paris By Night. Every show gets bigger, better more elaborate. For their 100th show they staged a spectacular show that consisted of Vpop superstars and legends.

There were so many amazing moment in the show! It’s not surprising since it is a 4-5 hour concert. One of the standout moments was Bao Han’s performance singing ‘My Shining Star’. This performance was particularly significant because it was Bao Han’s final performance on Paris By Night. She was discovered by Thuy Nga when she was teenager and since her debut she has become the Vpop princess. After 18 years in the music industry, she announced that she will retire at the end of 2010 and PBN 100 would be her final appearance.

Earlier this year I mentioned that Bao Han announced on her website at the end of last year about her retirement and she said she will travel the world in 2010 to farewell all her fans.

During her last performance, images of her career were flashing on the big screens. She has gone through many transformations as an artist; exploring many sides of herself. Her final performance was one of her best performances in her career. When the song ended she was overcome with emotion and it finally hit me that she won’t appear in any more PBN! She did an interview after her performance and she tried to keep it together and thank everyone who have supported and guided her throughout the years. I started to get teary too! I wish her all the best for her next chapter in her life!

Bao Han has an official facebook page, I’ll post up the link so you can become a fan of hers. Remember to tell her how much you love her music!

You can get your own copy of Paris By Night 100 at their online store!

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