Friday, October 15, 2010

Utada Hikaru’s Talented Music Family!!

Utada Hikaru will also be leaving the music business at the end of the year. Unlike Bao Han, Utada isn’t retiring but taking a break. She’s a newbie to twitter, she only joined about 2 weeks ago and she has become quite a regular tweeter.

She tweets to her fans a lot. One fan asked what she likes to sing at karaoke and she said Disney songs and some of her own songs! Imagine going to karaoke with Utada! I’ll be too intimidated to sing in front of her! Because I’m so bad haha…

She also said sang some of her mum’s songs at karaoke. She said her mum was a famous enka singer.

Utada tweeted:
Enka has a very particular style of singing, lyrics are often very sad, and my mother didn't want it to influence my singing, or my life..’

Utada told all her followers to google her mum. Of course I did and her mum Utada Junko is very beautiful and she was very famous and successful Enka artist. Junko’s debut album ‘Woman in Shinjuku/'Star of Enka' All of Keiko Fuji’ topped the Oricon charts for an impressive 20 consecutive weeks.

I also found out that Utada’s father Teruzane Utada is also in the music industry, he is a record producer and manager. When he married Junko he managed her career. Utada Hikaru is the only child and of course Teruzane oversaw his daughters career as well.

The Utada’s have been a huge part of Jpop making Jpop history. They are one talented family!

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