Friday, October 29, 2010

Odd things I saw… Micro homes in Japan

Japan’s economy is struggling at the moment and a lot of young couples who cannot afford the typical ‘cramped housing’ their parents live in or take out a substantial loan due to no job security are preferring to live in microhouses. These micro homes are the size of a shoebox! Actually they are about the size of a carpark! These homes are multi-levelled with each room (living room, bedroom) stacked on top of each other like lego. Inside everything is miniature sized with small closets that would horrify many women and a scaled down kitchen.

Commdesign sells custom designed homes for $171,000 to $214,000. Young couples don’t mind the lack of space because they can live in the city close to all the amenities they require.

What do you think of these micro homes? Some people might find it claustrophobic. I think I can live in it for a bit but I don’t think I can live in it long term. One of the upsides of living in a micro home is housecleaning will be a breeze.

I posted up photos on our facebook and twitter so have a look at some uber cool designed micro homes.

Reference: New York Times, Architecture

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