Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Funny Charlyne Yi

I was watching Conan’s show and he had a really interesting and funny guest on – Charlyne Yi. For those of you who don’t know her, she’s a comedian and actress on the medical drama ‘House’. What was fascinating about the interview was her humor and honesty.

When she was last on Conan’s show, Charlyne was telling him how bad of an actress she is. She went on to say, she thought it would be cool if she could act in ‘House’ because she was doing some charity work. Somehow, one of the producers from ‘House’ saw the interview and called her up to offer her a part.

In her latest interview, she was telling Conan how she couldn’t believe that the producers offered her a part. She asked the producer, “Didn’t you hear me saying how bad of an actress I was?”

The producer still offered her the job. She loves working on the show but she still doesn’t understand why they hired her.

Would you pay for Imperfect teeth?

The perfect smile is what many people strive for, paying thousands of dollars for dental work so they can achieve perfect teeth. However, in Japan straight teeth is actually frowned upon. Interesting isn’t it?

In Japan, perfect teeth are viewed as intimidating and it will actually prevent people from making conversation. Therefore, Japanese people are paying for stick on crooked teeth.

At dental salon, people can buy fake teeth which are glued on their real teeth. The procedure costs around 390AUD.

Japan: Matchmaking for Monks

Buddhist monks have a strict lifestyle; part of that lifestyle includes not marrying and starting a family. However, Japanese Buddhist monks are allowed to marry and have a family.

Due to ageing populations and low birth rates in Japan, coupled with the strict and solitary life of a monk, there has been growing concern over the succession of temples. Single monks have been attending matchmaking events in the capital to find a suitable partner.

One of the monks at the event said, "It's very hard to find a young woman who wants to marry a monk unless we take very proactive approaches in meeting such women."

A woman who was looking for a monk husband stated, “"If you marry a monk who owns a temple, as opposed to marrying a businessman, you do not need to worry about your husband being laid off as a result of his company's restructuring.”

Interesting story. I still can’t picture monks in the dating scene; it’s quite a foreign thought to me. When I think about it, it would be quite hard for monks to find a partner. These matchmaking events would help monks meet woman who are interested in them and their lifestyle.


Odd Things I saw – Art goes Bananas

Food has become a popular medium for art. We’ve seen lettuce art, bread art, bento box art and now, bananas are breaking in to the art scene. Japanese artist Keisuke Yamada carves out banana sculptures using a toothpick and a spoon.

Since bananas oxidize quickly, Yamada needs to work fast and finish the sculpture within 30 minutes. Once his banana masterpiece is completed, he takes a photo for his website and then he eats the tasty art.

He was initially surprised by the huge response he received when he posted his first banana sculptures. Some of his sculptures include Elvis, Zeus, Homer & Marge Simpson, a dragon, as well as the royal couple Prince William and Duchess Kate. The detail he puts in the banana is incredible – you can see facial structures like frowns and cheekbones.

Since his popularity has grown, his online fans now send him suggestions for his banana art work; that keeps him inspired.

Bananas cost around $10/kg – I haven’t eaten a banana for quite a while. Seeing his artwork makes me crave bananas. And who knows – I might try to carve something cool out of a banana next time I eat it.


Friday, October 21, 2011

CherriiPOP Playlist for 21th October 2011

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s show! I had a lot of fun. Remember to keep sending in your song requests and dedications. I love hearing from you all.

Here is the playlist:
The boy – SNSD
Lucky guy – Kim Hyun Joong
Rightaway – Inoran
You get me – Kylee
Time before time – Anita Mui
Love song – Rain
Whatever you are tonight – Kylee
Everyone is number 1 – Andy Lau

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Odd Things I saw – Japanese company invents a motorbike that runs on excrement

Check out the Ad for this unique bike

Sorry to gross you all out – but this story just had to be included in the Odd Things I Saw segment. (I hope none of you are eating because you will definitely lose your appetite)

Japan comes up with a lot of crazy yet brilliant inventions. This latest invention – a motorbike that runs on excrement (Yep – it’s fueled by poo) takes the cake.

This bike was invented by Toto, the same company that invented the awesome high tech toilets. Not surprisingly, the bike doubles up as a portaloo. Instead of fueling the bike up with petrol, the biker can go to the toilet on the bike and their waste will be turned in to biofuel. And with the rising price of petrol, this would be quite an attractive option for many motorists.

There is one setback - motorists can’t go to the toilet on the side of the road. They would need to find somewhere private to do their business, so that may be a tough challenge in the cityscape.

Since the bike is running on feces, I wonder how smelly the emissions from the bike will be (ewww). I don’t think it would be a pleasant smell for the public. Thinking of this makes me cringe a bit.

The company hopes this bike will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50 per cent in the next six years. A statistic that would make Al Gore jump for joy.

Would people really use this bike around the city? Looking at the picture, the bike looks like a Harley with a toilet seat stuck to it.

Who is this bike suppose to appeal to - I don't see women riding a toilet bike around shopping, nor do I see men driving on the highway with it. I have a feeling, Al Gore and other green people will trade in their toyota prius for a toilet bike.

Would you ride this bike around town? Join in the conversation.


Jackie Chan’s 100th film – ‘1911’

Jackie Chan has come a long way since starting out as a child actor and a stunt man in the film industry. He has become a heavyweight in Asian films and he paved the way for Asian actors in Hollywood. His film career has spanned over 4 decades and now the hardest working man in show biz has released his 100th film.

In recent years, Jackie Chan has expressed his desire to shed his kung fu star persona and become a serious actor. Jackie has been taking on more dramatic and challenging roles (e.g. Shinjuki Incident, The Karate Kid) to display his acting versatility. To mark his 100th film, he had chosen a historic drama ‘1911’ to mark the achievement.

1911, tells the story of the founding republic of China when Sun Yat-sen’s revolutionary forces overthrew the Ming dynasty. An all star including Joan Chen, Hu Ge, Zhang Ziyi along with Jackie’s son Jaycee, accompany him in this epic movie. The film was filmed over 6 intensive months.

In Australia the film was released on October 13th at Village cinemas. You can check out their website for session details.

Congrats to Jackie for this incredible achievement. I hope to see his 200th film in the future *^_^*

Supermodel Coco Rocha working her magic

I was watching America’s Next Top Model episode that featured supermodel Coco Rocha and I was blown away by her expert posing. One of the contestants said that Coco was able to do 75 poses in one minute. I didn’t quite understand how that was possible, but watching that episode proved me wrong. I found this youtube video of Coco posing – you’ll be amazed.

I was testing it out in the mirror, and every look of mine looks rather idiotic. But every frame of Coco is fierce!

Sneak Peak of tonight's show

We've got heaps of awesome music tonight! Here is a sneak peak:

This is Kim Hyun Joong's latest single 'Lucky guy' from his new mini album 'Lucky'

Movie Review (Thai) – Yes or No (2010)

I enjoy watching Thai movies; their voice is really unique in the film landscape. My knowledge of Thai movies is quite limited - I’ve only seen a handful of films. However, all the films I’ve seen have been deeply memorable because they challenge how you think.

Judging by the movie poster for ‘Yes or No’, I was expecting a typical teen comedy romance that is so prevalent in Asian cinema (e.g. Korea, Japan, Taiwan). When I started watching it, it was nothing I expected – which I found incredibly refreshing.

The first surprise of the film was to learn that the male actor on the movie poster is actually a female who has masculine features. The love story is actually about two females.

Pie is a wealthy girl who moves in to a college dorm and learns that she has to share her room with Kim, whom she initially thought was a boy. Kim quickly proves to Pie that she is in fact a girl, who dresses and behaves like a male. Pie is initially uncomfortable with the arrangement and tries to move to another dorm, citing that she didn’t want to share her room with a ‘tom’. Her request is denied and she gives Kim a hard time by setting out all these rules that Kim has to follow.

Their friendship organically develops as Pie slowly sees that Kim is a caring person. However, Pie is reluctant for her mother to visit her dorm room because she has negative views on ‘toms’. Her mother believes ‘toms’ are freaks and they are ruining society. Things get complicated as Pie discovers she has feelings for Kim and they start a secret relationship.

Secrets never last and their relationship is exposed by a girl who admires Kim. Many people get hurt along the way. The question begs - will their love survive?

The film works on so many levels - with the two talented leads, and a story that was beautifully written and not melodramatic. I found the film reminiscent of Brokeback Mountain, but with humor fused in to the plot.

This is a great romantic dramedy, I give it 4/5 stars.

Friday, October 14, 2011

CherriiPOP Playlist for 14th October 2011

Thank you for tuning in to this week’s show!

My shoutouts for today:
- Take care of yourself Rain!
- Sending love to Bao Han.

Remember to send in your song requests and dedications. Also, if you would like me to interview someone - suggest a guest =)

Here is the playlist
More Kiss – Fairies
Sixth sense – Brown eyed girls
Niem vui hon nhien – Bao Han
Thi si duoi vang trang – Bao Han
Deep Night – Hey Say Jump
Love Song – Rain
Every heart – Boa
It’s raining - Rain

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Odd Things I saw – Plastic Surgery Superman

A Philippines resident, Herbert Chavez has gone undergone extreme plastic surgery to look like his idol Superman.

He has been having plastic surgery since 1995. Some procedures include:
- Chin augmentation to achieve the famous cleft
- Silicone injections in the lips for fuller lips
- Implants in the thigh to make them bigger
- A rhinoplasty for a higher nose bridge

This man has taken his idolization for the famous comic book character to another level. I wonder if this means he will only fall in love with someone that looks like Lois Lane?

Michelle Yeoh walks the red carpet for Auung San Suu Kyi biopic film

Actress Michelle Yeoh and Director Luc Besson were in Busan to promote their biopic film ‘The Lady’ about Auung San Suu Kyi.

Michelle Yeoh took on this role because she hoped that the film will pressure the Myanmar government to respect human rights.

“We are very proud of this movie and we believe it is a very important movie because of who she is and because of her fight for democracy with words,” said Yeoh.

Michelle met Suu Kyi last December when the democracy heroine was released from two decades of on-off house arrest.”

“The Lady” will be released around the world on the 30th November 2011.

He said Suu Kyi had yet to see the final film.

“She said I will see it when I am courageous enough,” said Besson. Besson also stated that the activist had not read the script or been involved in the production of the film.

Reference: Korean Herald

Bao Han opens herself up to her fans like never before

Last Friday, former Vpop star Bao Han opened to her fans that she had been diagnosed with early stage Parkinson’s Disease. The diagnosis was made 2 years ago. For the past few months she has been opening up about the experience and how doctors didn't know what her mystery illness was. An outpour of love and support from fans were sent to her. To read her blog visit:

What is so amazing is that Bao Han was reassuring her fans that she is ok and very happy. She is truly inspiring. I wanted to share her keys to life

1. to be happy with what i've got,
2. to do whatever makes me happy,
3. love those people who love me back,
4. let go of things and people that/who put me down,
5. find a sense of humor in everything,
6. when i feel that i'm about to break down, i allow it BUT i get up fast too,
7. to look fabulous (hahaha i just can't help it, cause fashion is still my ultimate passion),
8. to be there for others cause i am not the only one with problems,
9. to not ever give up on my dreams and hopes,
10. health ALWAYS comes first and LOVE YOURSELF!!! (i have even learned to love my tremor and other physical challenges, cause they are a part of me now) so please dont look at me differently.

Lots of Love to BH!

Kpop group SNSD to crack the US music industry

Exciting news for Kpop fans! On October 19th, popular girl group SNSD will release their single ‘The Boys’ in the US through Interscope Records. Other artists on this record label include Lady Gaga, Eminem and the Black Eyed Peas.

The girls were lucky to have Teddy Riley produce their upcoming track. Teddy has worked with the biggest names in the music industry, including Michael Jackson, Bobby Brown and Lady Gaga.

SNSD will also be releasing their third studio album in Korea on the same date. Looks like October is going to be a huge month for the girls. I’m excited to listen to all their new music. I will keep you all posted.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Kpop Superstar Rain begins his Military Service

After months of delay, the day has finally come for Rain to join the military. Today marks Rain's first day as an active soldier, he will be required to serve for at least 2 years. This news have been making headlines around the world, here is Time magazine's article.

Hundreds of his devoted fans gathered in front of the military base to see their idol before he began life as a soldier. Rain gave a military salute to his tearful fans before he walked in to boot camp in Uijeongbu, Seoul.

Rain has been working non-stop before his enlistment date: touring Korea with 'The Best Show' to farewell his fans, recording new music 'Busan Woman' and filming a movie 'Red Scarfe'.

Rain is one of the most successful Entertainers from Korea, achieving global success in 2004 when he released his hit album 'It's Raining' and starred in the hit TV dramedy show 'Full House'. He has traveled a path that others hadn't, starting his own record label, fashion line and pursuing a Hollywood Acting Career.

His profile has grown in the United States over the past few years. He starred in blockbuster films 'Speed Racer' and 'Ninja Assassin'. Time Magazine named him in their '100 Most Influential People List'.

Rain's story is inspiring. When he was auditioning for entertainment agencies, he was rejected many times. They told him that he was talented, but not good looking enough because he didn't have double eyelids. Rain kept believing in his dream and he had the self confidence to not get the popular double eyelid surgery. Eventually he met his manager, JYP - the man that would turn Rain in to a global star.

Rain will be greatly missed in the entertainment industry. His fans have tweeted many messages telling him that they are waiting for him.

Take Care Rain!!