Thursday, October 20, 2011

Odd Things I saw – Japanese company invents a motorbike that runs on excrement

Check out the Ad for this unique bike

Sorry to gross you all out – but this story just had to be included in the Odd Things I Saw segment. (I hope none of you are eating because you will definitely lose your appetite)

Japan comes up with a lot of crazy yet brilliant inventions. This latest invention – a motorbike that runs on excrement (Yep – it’s fueled by poo) takes the cake.

This bike was invented by Toto, the same company that invented the awesome high tech toilets. Not surprisingly, the bike doubles up as a portaloo. Instead of fueling the bike up with petrol, the biker can go to the toilet on the bike and their waste will be turned in to biofuel. And with the rising price of petrol, this would be quite an attractive option for many motorists.

There is one setback - motorists can’t go to the toilet on the side of the road. They would need to find somewhere private to do their business, so that may be a tough challenge in the cityscape.

Since the bike is running on feces, I wonder how smelly the emissions from the bike will be (ewww). I don’t think it would be a pleasant smell for the public. Thinking of this makes me cringe a bit.

The company hopes this bike will reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 50 per cent in the next six years. A statistic that would make Al Gore jump for joy.

Would people really use this bike around the city? Looking at the picture, the bike looks like a Harley with a toilet seat stuck to it.

Who is this bike suppose to appeal to - I don't see women riding a toilet bike around shopping, nor do I see men driving on the highway with it. I have a feeling, Al Gore and other green people will trade in their toyota prius for a toilet bike.

Would you ride this bike around town? Join in the conversation.


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