Thursday, October 27, 2011

Japan: Matchmaking for Monks

Buddhist monks have a strict lifestyle; part of that lifestyle includes not marrying and starting a family. However, Japanese Buddhist monks are allowed to marry and have a family.

Due to ageing populations and low birth rates in Japan, coupled with the strict and solitary life of a monk, there has been growing concern over the succession of temples. Single monks have been attending matchmaking events in the capital to find a suitable partner.

One of the monks at the event said, "It's very hard to find a young woman who wants to marry a monk unless we take very proactive approaches in meeting such women."

A woman who was looking for a monk husband stated, “"If you marry a monk who owns a temple, as opposed to marrying a businessman, you do not need to worry about your husband being laid off as a result of his company's restructuring.”

Interesting story. I still can’t picture monks in the dating scene; it’s quite a foreign thought to me. When I think about it, it would be quite hard for monks to find a partner. These matchmaking events would help monks meet woman who are interested in them and their lifestyle.


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