Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bao Han opens herself up to her fans like never before

Last Friday, former Vpop star Bao Han opened to her fans that she had been diagnosed with early stage Parkinson’s Disease. The diagnosis was made 2 years ago. For the past few months she has been opening up about the experience and how doctors didn't know what her mystery illness was. An outpour of love and support from fans were sent to her. To read her blog visit:

What is so amazing is that Bao Han was reassuring her fans that she is ok and very happy. She is truly inspiring. I wanted to share her keys to life

1. to be happy with what i've got,
2. to do whatever makes me happy,
3. love those people who love me back,
4. let go of things and people that/who put me down,
5. find a sense of humor in everything,
6. when i feel that i'm about to break down, i allow it BUT i get up fast too,
7. to look fabulous (hahaha i just can't help it, cause fashion is still my ultimate passion),
8. to be there for others cause i am not the only one with problems,
9. to not ever give up on my dreams and hopes,
10. health ALWAYS comes first and LOVE YOURSELF!!! (i have even learned to love my tremor and other physical challenges, cause they are a part of me now) so please dont look at me differently.

Lots of Love to BH!

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