Thursday, October 20, 2011

Jackie Chan’s 100th film – ‘1911’

Jackie Chan has come a long way since starting out as a child actor and a stunt man in the film industry. He has become a heavyweight in Asian films and he paved the way for Asian actors in Hollywood. His film career has spanned over 4 decades and now the hardest working man in show biz has released his 100th film.

In recent years, Jackie Chan has expressed his desire to shed his kung fu star persona and become a serious actor. Jackie has been taking on more dramatic and challenging roles (e.g. Shinjuki Incident, The Karate Kid) to display his acting versatility. To mark his 100th film, he had chosen a historic drama ‘1911’ to mark the achievement.

1911, tells the story of the founding republic of China when Sun Yat-sen’s revolutionary forces overthrew the Ming dynasty. An all star including Joan Chen, Hu Ge, Zhang Ziyi along with Jackie’s son Jaycee, accompany him in this epic movie. The film was filmed over 6 intensive months.

In Australia the film was released on October 13th at Village cinemas. You can check out their website for session details.

Congrats to Jackie for this incredible achievement. I hope to see his 200th film in the future *^_^*

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