Thursday, October 27, 2011

Odd Things I saw – Art goes Bananas

Food has become a popular medium for art. We’ve seen lettuce art, bread art, bento box art and now, bananas are breaking in to the art scene. Japanese artist Keisuke Yamada carves out banana sculptures using a toothpick and a spoon.

Since bananas oxidize quickly, Yamada needs to work fast and finish the sculpture within 30 minutes. Once his banana masterpiece is completed, he takes a photo for his website and then he eats the tasty art.

He was initially surprised by the huge response he received when he posted his first banana sculptures. Some of his sculptures include Elvis, Zeus, Homer & Marge Simpson, a dragon, as well as the royal couple Prince William and Duchess Kate. The detail he puts in the banana is incredible – you can see facial structures like frowns and cheekbones.

Since his popularity has grown, his online fans now send him suggestions for his banana art work; that keeps him inspired.

Bananas cost around $10/kg – I haven’t eaten a banana for quite a while. Seeing his artwork makes me crave bananas. And who knows – I might try to carve something cool out of a banana next time I eat it.


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