Thursday, October 20, 2011

Movie Review (Thai) – Yes or No (2010)

I enjoy watching Thai movies; their voice is really unique in the film landscape. My knowledge of Thai movies is quite limited - I’ve only seen a handful of films. However, all the films I’ve seen have been deeply memorable because they challenge how you think.

Judging by the movie poster for ‘Yes or No’, I was expecting a typical teen comedy romance that is so prevalent in Asian cinema (e.g. Korea, Japan, Taiwan). When I started watching it, it was nothing I expected – which I found incredibly refreshing.

The first surprise of the film was to learn that the male actor on the movie poster is actually a female who has masculine features. The love story is actually about two females.

Pie is a wealthy girl who moves in to a college dorm and learns that she has to share her room with Kim, whom she initially thought was a boy. Kim quickly proves to Pie that she is in fact a girl, who dresses and behaves like a male. Pie is initially uncomfortable with the arrangement and tries to move to another dorm, citing that she didn’t want to share her room with a ‘tom’. Her request is denied and she gives Kim a hard time by setting out all these rules that Kim has to follow.

Their friendship organically develops as Pie slowly sees that Kim is a caring person. However, Pie is reluctant for her mother to visit her dorm room because she has negative views on ‘toms’. Her mother believes ‘toms’ are freaks and they are ruining society. Things get complicated as Pie discovers she has feelings for Kim and they start a secret relationship.

Secrets never last and their relationship is exposed by a girl who admires Kim. Many people get hurt along the way. The question begs - will their love survive?

The film works on so many levels - with the two talented leads, and a story that was beautifully written and not melodramatic. I found the film reminiscent of Brokeback Mountain, but with humor fused in to the plot.

This is a great romantic dramedy, I give it 4/5 stars.

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