Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rain's Love Song dance rivals Beyonce's Single Ladies Dance?

Rain is back! After a break in the music industry to pursue his acting career in the United States, producing the all male r'n'b group MBLAQ on his own record label & releasing his own fashion line, Rain has finally released his 6th Studio album 'Back to the Basic'.

In the music video 'Love Song' (the debut song from his Back to the Basic album) we see Rain doing one of his hottest dance routines! Involving a lot of ab rolls. There have been a number of clips popping on youtube of people copying his ab roll dance. This dance routine could very much rival Beyonce's iconic Single Ladies dance routine. What do you guys think? Another thought just came in to my head, wouldn't it be awesome if Rain and Beyonce (THE BEST IN THE BUSINESS) do a duet and put together the sickest dance routine ever for the music vid? I know! I'll just put it out there in the universe for now =P and see what happens

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