Sunday, December 12, 2010

Mobile Phone argument causes delays for 70,000 Japanese train passengers

Did you know that it was considered rude to talk on your mobile phone on public transport in Japan? People talk on phones all the time in Australia, it’s socially acceptable – it’s interesting that in Japan it’s not the same.

A passenger in Japan was talking on their phone whilst on the train and a man reportedly chastised them for their bad behaviour and asked them to get off at the next station to continue talking on their phone. A heated row broke out between the men and the emergency alarm was set off. The two men were escorted to the police station and underwent questioning before being released without charge.

A 47 minute train delay was caused, affecting 70,000 passengers travelling on that line. It’s all a bit odd to me because this argument is over such an insignificant thing and it caused so much trouble for the public.

In Japan manners are regarded as very important on public transport and this fact is emphasised on numerous ‘manner campaign’ posters on trains urging passengers to behave considerately to others. Key words: ‘Behave considerately to others’, that man should have just let it go and let the guy talk on the phone, rather than causing such havoc.

Reference: Telegraph

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