Friday, May 28, 2010

28/5/10 Our Playlist for our Eurovision Special show

The theme for today's show is EUROVISION! In celebration of the largest talent song competition, we are playing songs that have the party, fun, crazy feel of EUROVISION. Hope you guys enjoyed today's show. Here is our playlist

Super Junior - Bonamana (no not banana - Bonamana means beauty, yes i was curious to find out what it meant =))
Ayumi Hamasaki - Is this love
Rain - Hip Song (The theme song to the new Karate Kid movie, starring Jackie Chan and Jayden Smith)
Utada - Beautiful Life
SS501 - Love ya (Yes i love you too SS501)
MBLAQ - Y (the ipad was released in melbourne today, and MBLAQ has got an app on the iphone so you can probably get that app on the ipad too! Their app allows you to preview songs, check out concept photos. )
Son Dambi - Bad Boy (Everyone seems to fall the bad ones)
Coco Lee - Transfer
Kangta and Vanness - Scandal
Anna Tschuiya - Rose (check out her movie Sakuran! It's visually amazing)

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