Friday, May 14, 2010

14/5/10 CherriiPOP Music Show's Playlist

Our Second Show was better than the first one! We had more listeners!!!! We hope you enjoyed the show! Thanks for all the song requests!! Keep them coming. If you have any song dedications or shout outs, send them in via our facebook page or twitter @CherriiPOP and I will read them on air.

We still experienced some technical issues, sorry for the delay in broadcast. We will work on this and have a smoother show next time. Third time lucky! Podcasts still not available. We will try to podcast our next show.

The playlist for the show:

SNSD - Run Devil Run (KPOP)
2pm - Without you (KPOP)
Hyori Lee - Chitty chitty bang bang (KPOP)
Rainism - Rain (KPOP)
Peter Ho & Jang Nara - Wanna tell you (CPOP)
Nhu Quynh - Chuyen Tinh Buon (Sad love story) (VPOP)
Diem Lien - Xuan Mong (Spring Dreams) (VPOP)
Anson Hu - Ling Yi Ge Zi Ji (Breaking Free - from High School Musical) (CPOP)
Michelle & Vickie - Xie Xie Ni (CPOP)
Jerry Yan - Yi Gong Chi (CPOP)
Utada Hikaru - First Love (JPOP)
Coco Lee - The ninth night (CPOP)

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