Thursday, June 23, 2011

BoA to make her Hollywood Film Debut in 2012

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BOA Hollywood film debut (110624) by CherriiPOP

BOA is set to make her Hollywood Film debut early next year - This is incredibly exciting new for BoA fans. She plays the female lead in the dance film COBU 3D. Her male lead is Derek Hough from US TV show Dancing with the stars.

The movie is directed by Duane Adler and produced by Robert Colt. I was reading a bit about the film, and it sounds like a Romeo and Juliet story. Basically their characters fall even though their families are enemies in the dancing world.

I love dance films, but sometimes they focus too much on the dancing and not enough on the storyline. I hope that this film has a good storyline because I know Boa and Derek and awesome dancers. They’ve got the dancing part nailed.

BoA is currently filming the movie in the States. She recently tweeted a photo on set. She looks really relaxed and happy. I can’t wait to see her film!

She follows the foot steps of Rain who has starred in 2 Hollywood films: Ninja Assassin and Speedracer. The Korean Wave is making a big impact in Hollywood.

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