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KMovie Review - Man From Nowhere (2010), Starring Won Bin

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KMovie Review - The Man from nowhere 2010 by CherriiPOP

Korea is making a HUGE mark in the film industry, producing many brilliant, original and exciting films. The first film i’m going to review is - ‘The man from nowhere’ starring Korean heartthrob Won Bin. This movie was Korea’s highest grossing film last year. It has won numerous awards including: Best Actor, Best Movie at the Korean Film Awards, Grand Bell Awards to name a few.

It was about time that I check out this movie. Won Bin plays a Cha Tae-sik, a mysterious pawn shop owner disconnected from the world. So-mee a young school girl sees Cha Tae-sik as her only friend. She likes to talk to him a lot, even though he is a man with few words. She hides out at his place when her mum’s boyfriend is around. On the surface Cha Tae-sik appears to be a cold person, So-mee brings out a softer side in him and makes him care again.

So-mee’s mother steals drugs from the mob and stashes it in a camera bag and pawned it at Cha Tae-sik’s pawn shop. The mob got very angry and kidnaps So-Mee and her mother. Soon they go after Tae-sik for the drugs. Tae-sik hands over the drugs in exchange for So-Mee and her mother. The mob has other plans for Tae-sik. Tae-Sik complies and finds out that the mob set him up. Now the mob and the cops are after him. We soon learn about Tae-Sik’s shady and deadly past. All hell breaks loose in his quest to save So-Mee and her mother from the mob.

I found myself glued to the screen while watching it! I was on the edge of my seat hoping that Tae-sik would find and save So-mee. There are a few disturbing scenes because the mob are in the organ harvesting trade - it’s not too graphic but it is still disturbing. I have to say this is an incredibly violent film. I think it is the most violent film I have.

Won Bin really impressed me in this film, especially in the fight scenes. The fight scenes were so rough, so realistic. It looked like they were getting badly hurt.

In moments when his character was feeling vulnerable, you really feel for him. It’s really easy for you to feel disconnected from a character that is so dark and has little to say, but Won Bin made his character likable for the audience. The dynamic between Won Bin and the young actress that played So-Mee, Kim Sae-ron, was really moving. They are 2 lost and lonely people that needed someone to care about them. So-mee saw Tae-sik has her father.

This is Won Bin's best performance to date. After starring in the Korean Hit Drama Series 'Autumn Love story', Won bin was cast in many leading men roles in romantic dramas and movies. Whilst his stardom was sky high, he had to take a break from his career to complete his compulsory military service.

When he was discharged in 2006, Won Bin wanted to depart from his heart throb image by taking on more challenging roles. He has been more selective of the roles he plays: since 2006 he has just starred in 2 movies: Mother (2009), Man From Nowhere (2010).

It was really interesting to watch Won Bin play such an intense, dark and complex person. He really owned this role. He has definitely shed the romantic comedy leading man label.

I was fascinated to find out that his role was originally written as a 60 year old man. After Won Bin read the script, he fought hard for the part. The script was re-adjusted to fit his age and physical ability.

I highly recommend this film to all action fans. And, I can’t wait to see what Won Bin does next. 5/5 stars

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