Thursday, June 23, 2011

Kpop’s Kim Hyun Joong interesting interview

My sister absolutely loves him. When I was in Korea, I bought a poster of him just for her. I had to be extra careful carrying it around because I didn’t want it to be creased.

After hearing her go on and on about how Kim Hyun Joong is better than Rain. I decided to watch some of his interviews on youtube. What surprised me about him was his off beat humour. I kind of like that about him, his thought process is very different.

A lot of celebrities tend to give the ‘right’ answer in interviews; they don’t really let their personalities shine through. I think they have been coached too much by their PR people. But, Kim Hyun Joong is unlike that, he answers questions naturally and sometimes he gives oddball replies.

For a photoshoot he did on the TV Show ‘We got married’, they were doing a romantic photoshoot with him and pop star HwangBo. The photographer wanted to take a picture of Kim kissing Hwang Bo on the cheek. He felt awkward about it and he said something like ‘Do I have to do that? I don’t even kiss my mum!” I fell off the chair in hysterics when he said that.

In a recent interview on KBS Entertainment weekly he was telling the host that when his fans tell him they love him, they want to marry him – He is actually hoping that his fans find a nice guy and get married. Kim goes on to say that he can’t have a normal life because of his profession. When he sees his fans going to his concerts pregnant, he feels really warm and happy inside for them.

Isn’t Kim Hyun Joong’s perspective on things really interesting? You should watch some of his interviews on youtube, he is quite funny.

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