Friday, August 20, 2010

Son Dambi – The Female version of RAIN

A few years ago I took Hip Hop classes at Monash University. I absolutely loved in and during that time I had a quest to be the female version of Rain. In dance classes you dance in front of a mirror so you can see your form and... I saw how tragic I was LOL! When I do the moves it doesn't look quite cool or right really. I still tried to work on my hip hop attitude and dance moves. The thing is, someone has beaten me to the title of female Rain and that is Son Dambi! She made her debut 3 years ago when she was 24. During her rigorous training years she studied hip hop under famous choreographers in the US. She loved dancing so much she paid 6K each month for her dancing lessons in the US, whilst over there she fell in love with the intense dance style Krumping. It is evident that Son Dambi is an awesome dancer. Not only did she receive the best dance training she also has the talent and natural ability. She can pick up dance moves and routines very quickly.

I really love her style of music which is hip hop, dance, electro. On Youtube there are videos of her teaching dance routines to her songs, I've posted 'Cry eye' on our youtube Page. I've been trying to learn the dance steps and it's quite hard. She makes it look so effortless and stylish. I am determined to master the dance steps and If i get good enough i will record it and post up my progress on facebook.

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