Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Project Lotus Update – Yoo Do Hyun named as the celebrity judge

On the 25th August, Rocker Yoo Do Hyun of YB was named as the celebrity judge in Project Lotus, the search for Asia’s Spice Girls.

In a press conference, Yoo Do Hyun explained why he decided to get involved with Project Lotus.
“I was often asked why it was me that decided to participate in this project. And I answered that I did not want to make a girl group that only the West likes, but a girl group that was very distinct and varied in terms of their music style. I’m not too familiar in the girl group area, but I do know that I want to give my varied music tastes.”

“I’m not sure if I could add such diverse musical style, but I believe this is a good opportunity and decided to participate. I think that this girl group will be different from many of the currently existing girl and boy groups. It seems like there will be serious and deep music composition work involved. In addition to feeling honored, I am also enjoying my participation in this project.”
Yoo do Hyun and other judges will travel around Asia to select the 20 finalists that will undergo gruelling training and elimination process. Girls will be eliminated each week until five are left standing. The lucky five will then fly to England to record their debut album which will be released next year, straight after the reality series have finished airing.

Everything has been mapped out for Project Lotus, the search is on for the five faces of the group. Good luck to all the girls at the auditions.

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