Friday, August 6, 2010

My quest to join the Girl Group and Be A POPstar! Yup, i auditioned for Project Lotus

Following on my previous story (Idol group members get an average of 16s of singing time in a pop song), so with my ability to sing in tune for longer than 16 seconds I began my quest to join a girl band. I decided to audition for Project Lotus because I meet most of the requirements. I’m Asian, but I’m Vietnamese born in Australia so I’m not from the five countries they listed. I don’t know why Vietnam wasn’t on the list or Taiwan, Thailand. I’m 25 so I just made it in the age group and I can speak English. I can dance a bit, I’ve taken hip hop classes but I’m still hopeless.

I put a lot of planning in my song selection for my video audition. I decided on a mash up of songs. A happy poppy song, a slow ballad and to finish, an inspirational song. The songs: Justin Bieber – Baby, Cherry – Saddest Song, Natalie Bassingthwaighte – Someday Soon. Yes! I had to sing the Biebs! =P

I look pretty bad in the audition, I recorded it a long day after work. *LOL* It’s uploaded on the Project Lotus facebook fanpage, here is the link. Don’t laugh too much hehehehe! I got five ‘likes’ for my video (no they aren’t my friends) so that makes it even cooler.

Let me know what you think of my audition! Do you think I have what it takes? LOL! I’ll keep you posted with my audition!


  1. I also auditioned with project lotus
    we hope for the best!!!
    check also my video...

  2. Great Audition! You put a lot of energy in your audition! Good Luck! Hope you make it through =)