Friday, August 20, 2010

Odd things I saw…. Tokyo Tower Mascot, Japan

This is where I will tell stories and post photos of odd things I saw on holiday or in my day to day life. Tokyo tower is a popular tourist destination in Tokyo. I was lucky enough to go there this year. It was constructed between 1057-58, it costed 2.8million yen ($8.4million) to build. It's design was inspired by the Eiffel Tower, but they made it smaller and red. It is quite striking in the city because of its red color and it lights up charmingly at night time. The view up there is amazing, getting a bird's eye view of Tokyo.

Now the odd thing I saw at Tokyo Tower was the Mascot called Noppon, they are two identical brothers. However, one wears blue overalls and the other red overalls. To describe the oddness of them, they have long pink heads that look like crayons... In the gift shop little kids are buying these Tokyo Tower plushies and hugging them. I took a photo with one and you guys should check it out to see what I am talking about (LOL). I think they are suppose to be the Tokyo Tower? I have absolutely no idea really. If you know what they are suppose to be, let me know.

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