Friday, August 6, 2010

Search for the next Asian Girl Group Superstars!

The search is on to find 5 talented singers from all over Asia, to take the world’s music industry by storm! FarWest Entertainment, a production company helmd by former Walt Disney Company (Asia Pacific) president Jon Niermann, has teamed up with a group of Asian partners to find the next pop superstars in “Project Lotus”.

The concept of “Project Lotus” is to discover talents from Korea, Japan, China, India and Philippines, team them up with Grammy Award winning producers Eliot Kennedy and Brian Grant. Give them songs composed by prominent song writers that include Gary Barlow from Take That. It is guaranteed that they have a winning formula.

Auditions have been held over the past few months to scour new talent. To apply, you need to be an Asian woman aged between 18-25 and English speaking. In addition to being a great singer, if you are a great dancer too that would be a bonus and help with your audition. Auditions have closed now; the cut off date was August 2nd. People can attend auditions in their countries or upload their audition video on to Project Lotus’s website (, Facebook page or YouTube channel.

Successful candidates who get a call-back will attend a live audition in their capital city. A panel of celebrity judges will be critiquing all the performances. A group of 25 finalists (5 from each country) will proceed to the next stage of auditions and fly to Hong Kong to take part in an intense six-week training process. One girl from each country will be eliminated each week until the final five are left.

All the drama; triumph, tears and will be broadcast on TV in February and March next year. They plan to air the show in Australia as well, I would guess that Ch10 will pick it up. Ch10 likes shows like these. The group’s debut album will be released in April.


  1. even though it said Asia, it only means 5 countries??????????? :?????

  2. Hi Flower, I know =( They excluded a lot of countries like Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam... I'm not sure how they decided which countries were going to be part of project lotus.