Friday, August 20, 2010

SMAP!!!! The ultimate Boy Band

SMAP is THE ultimate Jpop boy band; they have been around nearly 2 decades. They made their debut in 1991 and since then have released over 40 singles and 20 albums. What incredible achievements! For staying together for a long time and producing hit after hit. For those of you who don't know, SMAP stands for Sports Music Assemble People. I'm not quite sure why Sport is in there, it is a bit odd.

My fave member is Takuya Kimura, I became a huge fan of his after watching him in romantic drama 'Beautiful Life'. It's a moving love story between a young man and a woman in a wheelchair. Check out Beautiful Life! They started out with 6 members, but now they have 5. They are huge in Japan! Each member have branched outside the music industry and gone in to acting. They have faced tough times in their career with decline in popularity and sales. Their agent decided that they should host a variety show so the fans can get to know the members better and build a stronger bond with them. This worked and their popularity was back on track. They've survived scandals. When Takuya got married in 2001, rumours of the group splitting up was swirling around.

In July this year, SMAP toured nationally and next month, September they will do their first overseas concert in China. I was surprised to hear that this was their first overseas concert, considering they have been together for 19 years. I am certain that the Shanghai concerts will be a HUGE hit! It's awesome to see that they are still going strong and still topping the charts! Their latest album 'We are SMAP' was released this year, Check it out and be SMAPified!!!!

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