Friday, August 13, 2010

Aussie Iron Chef is coming!

Iron chef, the phenomenal Japanese cooking show where two famous chefs battle it out in kitchen stadium to win the title of Iron Chef, is getting an Australian make-over. Casting has begun for Aussie version of Iron chef. The team behind Iron Chef Australia 'Shine' also produced the ratings winner Masterchef. Shine are also hoping for a runaway hit with Aussie Iron Chef. They have a very tight time frame to find their iron chefs because filming of the series is scheduled to begin next month in Melbourne. The format will be loyal to the original where two chefs battle it out in kitchen stadium, making dishes based on the unveiled ingredient. Their dishes are then judged by a panel of three celebrities.

The original Japanese series aired between 1993-99. A staggering 300 cooking battles were filmed in kitchen stadium. America and Britain have also made their own versions of the show. The original Iron chef currently airs weekly on SBS Saturday nights at 8:30. I'm a huge fan of Iron chef because it's such great entertainment! It's incredible watching them come up with original dishes on the spot then race around the kitchen to finish their inventions in one hour. What I love about the Japanese show is the host's flamboyant fashion sense. He wears bedazzled matador jackets and funky coats. The other reason I love the show is the animated english dubbing. All the voice actors are so enthusiastic and entertaining, it's fabulous! It’s like they are dubbing a kung fu show or anime because it’s so lively and comical. I've watched the American Version of Iron Chef and I didn't enjoy it as much as the Original because it didn't have a fancy dressed host or funny english dubbing. I'm not sure how the Aussie version will be, will it be a ratings giant like masterchef? We'll have to wait and see.

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