Friday, August 27, 2010

Miss Universe 2010

The biggest beauty pageant in the whole universe, galaxy was broadcasted on the 24th of August in the Party Capital of USA, Las Vegas. Beauties from 83 nations participated in this years Miss Universe competition.

I love watching Miss Universe, its part of my staple TV viewing for the year alongside the Oscars, Emmys, Logies. The glamour, the national costume contest, question time its all just so entertaining to watch.

Asia was well represented this year with China, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia and India taking part this year. Interestingly Vietnam withdrew from competition. Philippines did incredibly well this year making it to top 5. She had a lot of support from the audience, every time she was on stage her cheer squad cheered so loud for her. None of the other girls got quite the same reception.

Australia’s Jesinta Campbell, a fresh faced 19 year old Brisbane girl did Australia very proud with her 2nd runner up and Miss Congeniality win. Her National costume was a bit odd, she wore high heeled ugg boots… enough said lol, but she is proud of her costume and I think that is awesome.

The national costume contest is a highlight of the show for me. I love seeing the outrageously, bright, feathery over the top costumes the contestants wear. Paris wore the Eiffel Tower on her head. Maybe Australia should have worn the Opera House on her head? I thought China’s costume was very simple this year, not really a standout. The costumes are quite theatrical and huge! It must need its own suitcase when packing.

In the evening wear category, most girls chose soft pastel colours. Mexico wore a show stopping cherry red dress. She really stood out in that category and the dress had so much movement when she walked, it really flattered her body. She won the contest! Congrats to Miss Mexico!

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