Friday, August 13, 2010

Project Lotus Update

Project Lotus Update: A quick recap on what project Lotus is, it's the search for Asia's answer to the Spice Girls! Auditions are being held in Asia to find five talented singers to form a new girl band that will be launched worldwide. I decided to start my quest to be a popstar so I sent in my video audition on their facebook. I've been checking their facebook for updates and there has been a lot of confusion about how the auditioning process worked. People thought that they can submit a video audition, but turns out that it would be advantageous to attend a live audition in the 5 countries. The five selected countries are China, Japan, Korea, Philipines and India. I only auditioned online so I hope that is enough for them to see my music talents

I got some information about the Korean live auditions. 25 year old Lim Miru from Australia flew the distance to Korea to audition live. Amazingly, she had only found out about the live auditions 3 days earlier, after stumbling upon it on youtube. That is perseverance. A total of 85 girls attended the live auditions in Korea, singing popular songs by Beyonce, Whitney Houstan, Christina Aguilera. They are still shortlisting the applicants and successful girls will proceed to the second live auditions held on Aug 24. Five finalists from each country will go to Hong Kong for an intense training and auditioning process like Masterchef and Idol. Eliminations will occur every week until five girls are left standing. All the drama will be broadcast on TV early next year in a reality tv show. It is an intense process for the girls but it is a lifetime opportunity because they get to work with grammy award winning producers, songwriters – The ultimate dream team.

Back to my audition, I haven't heard back from Project Lotus… hmmm… Just a reminder I sang Justin Bieber's no. 1 song Baby mashed up with ‘Saddest song’ by Cherry and ‘Someday soon’ by Natalie Bassingthwaighte. I still have my fingers crossed! I check my video on facebook and it has 5 likes so that’s cool =D Good luck to all the girls that auditioned!

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