Friday, August 13, 2010

ODD THINGS I SAW: Umbrella Lockers in Japan

This is a new segment for the show where I post up photos of ‘Odd Things I Saw’ on holiday or in my everyday life.

I was in Japan this year for the exquisite cherry blossom season, in April/May. The weather was quite cool about 20 degrees Celsius. On several days I was there, it drizzled a bit. When I went to restaurants or hotels I saw umbrella lockers outside near the door for people to yup! Lock up there umbrella like they would for their bicycle or car… I thought that was strange, why do you need to lock up your umbrella? And out of all the places in Japan – the most honest nation in the world! I was talking to my friend and we came up with a few conclusions.

Japan is such a hygienic and considerate place that people don’t bring wet umbrellas in buildings so they don’t get the floor wet and make it slippery.

Japanese people use expensive umbrellas like Burberry so they would want to lock it up so no one accidentally takes it. No one would steal an umbrella in Japan.

It’s currently winter in Melbourne and everyday it’s pouring down rain with strong winds. I use a $6 dollar umbrella and I hardly think it’s worth locking up. However I do think it’s a good idea to leave wet umbrellas outside and not get floors slippery and wet inside.

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