Thursday, September 16, 2010

South Korea TV Stations set out new regulations for costumes on music programs

The VMAs aired on TV this week, and all the talk is about Lady GaGa’s controversial meat dress. She knows how to stir up people. I read that the dress is made of heavy duty fabric, then another source wrote that it was made from real meat… I don’t think it would be real meat, if it was it would have a repulsive small being at room temperature for a number of hours… No one would want to get close to her. Lady Gaga and other American artists are pushing the boundaries in fashion and this seems to translate to wearing less and less clothing. A lot of these artists would not be able to wear there costumes on Korean music shows because they are deemed to sexually suggestive.

Clothing censorship has been put in place on Korean music shows in a bid to reduce raunchiness in artists performances. The artists most affected by these regulations are female singers. The music show ‘Inkigayo’s’ regulations include bans on tops that reveal too much cleavage, exposure of the belly button, wearing white shorts under mini skits. There is a double standard because guys can perform topless, showing off there belly button and pecs so that is sexually suggestive. They should impose bans on what guys wear so the regulations are fair amongst the genders.

Fans have commented that these regulations take away the artist’s freedom of speech and creativity. I think wearing a bit more fabric won’t affect their freedom of speech or creativity that much.

We all know sex sells, but it’s time to use other tactics to sell… like focus on talent.

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