Thursday, September 23, 2010

Project Lotus – Finalists begin intense 6 week training in Hong Kong

The search for Asia’s answer to the Spice Girls is getting close to the end. Project Lotus announced and posted up photos of the lucky finalists, whom are currently in Hong Kong for the final stages of the competition.

There were so many talented girls that there are actually 27 finalists from 5 countries. Originally they wanted 5 girls from each country and every week they would eliminate girls from each country until 5 girls are left. I’ve posted up the photos of the finalists up on Facebook, congrats to all the girls! What an incredible opportunity they have to work with Grammy award winning producers, songwriters, get a recording contract and be launched worldwide!

Every part of this intense Hong Kong training/auditioning period is being filmed and it will be made in to a reality TV show scheduled to air early next year. By the end of October, the group will be found and they will start recording there first album in the UK. There album will be out as soon as the reality TV show has finished airing. There schedule has all been planned for the girls, now it comes to the hard part finding the girls. It must be really tough for the judges in Hong Kong at the moment.

Project Lotus have been making lots of announcements this week. Announcing who the finalists were! Having a concert where the lucky girls get to perform for a live audience for the first time! The concert is held tonight in Hong Kong! Good luck girls! Also on Project Lotus's facebook, the posted a vid of the girls singing. Do you guys like what you hear?

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