Thursday, September 30, 2010

Rain's TV Drama 'Fugitive' debuts with high ratings

Rain’s new TV Dramedy ‘Fugitive’ made its debut in Korea yesterday with awesome ratings, 20.7%! That's a brilliant start for the show and it will be great to see if they can maintain this high rating! I think it can with its stellar cast that includes Lee Na Young, Lee Jung Jin, Daniel Henney and its extensive shooting locations that include Korea, Japan, China, Thailand! It has potential to be one of the best korean TV dramas.

I can’t wait to watch it because Rain is in it. His one of my favourite actors because he takes risks in his role choices and that is evident with the film ‘I’m a cyborg and that’s ok’, where he plays a mental patient in the hospital. That film didn’t do well at the box office but he proud of his work in that film because it meant something to him. Rain will star in one more movie before he commences his compulsory military service next year. Every Korean male has to serve for two years, Rain will be out of the spotlight for two whole years. I think all of his fans will miss him dearly. Including me =O

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