Thursday, September 23, 2010

Odd things I saws… Novel flavoured Snacks, Japan

In Japan, I love going to the convenient store because there are so many cool flavours for snack foods that we just don’t get in Australia!

They have cucumber flavoured Pepsi? I think that will be really refreshing. Yoghurt flavoured Pepsi??? I can’t imaging tasting that, yoghurt have a slightly sour taste so I think that’ll be really odd. A new flavour of Pepsi will be released exclusively in Japan Soon, Pepsi Mont Blanc… that sounds highly indulgent! Another interesting flavour is Red Bean Pepsi... I should go on a Pepsi binge next time I go to Japan.

We move on to Kit Kats… Kit Kats here are just plain chocolate that covers wafers. In Japan they have banana flavoured Kit Kat, cherry blossom, it’s crazy! Looking at all the varieties, you feel like Charlie at the Chocolate Factory.

I’ve posted up photos on our facebook page www. so have a look. And if you seen an odd flavoured snack post up your photos on our facebook page! I’d love to share them!

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