Thursday, September 23, 2010

Charice makes her debut on GLEE

Speaking of incredible talented singers, Charice the Filipino singing sensation made her debut on the popular dramedy show GLEE this week. It was the first ep for season 2 of Glee. She plays Sunshine an exchanged student with a powerful voice. Rachel (head of glee club) gets insecure and she sabotages Sunshine’s chances of joining Glee club. Charice really stole the show when she sang, she trumped everyone on the show will her extraordinary voice. I love the outfits that she wore, it was very cute! She even had a Hello Kitty Bag! I can’t wait to see how her storyline unfolds.

There were lot of Asian jokes in this ep and I thought it was hilarious. Two of the glee members are Asian so they had jokes about Asian Camp for little Kids that are good with technology, another joke about how tight the Asian community is and if something happens in it, the whole community will know. So True! I love GLEE! I’m a total Gleek!

Next week’s show is all about Britney Spears! I idolised her during highschool! I know all the words to her hit songs, I can’t wait until next week’s show!

Tell CherriiPOP what you thought of Charice’s debut on Glee!!

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