Thursday, September 30, 2010

JPOP Princess Utada Hikaru Joins Twitter

This year is a huge year for Utada Hikaru, she announced that at the end of the year she will be taking a break from the entertainment business. She said she doesn’t know how long she’ll be gone for but she said it’s time that she go explore other things. Before the end of the year she’ll be releasing a new compilation CD that will include some new songs. She’ll be doing some special tours in Japan! And exciting news, she has gotten the twitter bug and officially joined.

Now you can follow her tweets everyday. She tweets in Japanese and English. She tweets a lot with her fans. If you want to tell her how much you love her music do so now before she goes on hiatus.

In one tweet she describes her breakfast which sounded so tasty. She had a traditional Japanese breakfast. I had a traditional Japanese breakfast in Japan! It was so delicious and incredibly filling. The size of the meal was fit for lunch or dinner. There was rice, soup, miso soup, salmon, seaweed… yumm… Follow Utada on twitter!

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