Friday, September 10, 2010

“Nikita” starring Maggie Q debuts in the US

Movie action star Maggie Q made her TV debut in the US overnight in the much anticipated TV show ‘Nikita’. There is a lot of twitter buzz about the show, so many Maggie Q fans can’t wait for the show.

Maggie Q is a huge star movie star in Asia! But she is relatively unknown in the West even though she has starred in huge action pack blockbuster movies in the US; Mission Impossible III, Live Free or Die Hard. Maggie Q was born and raised in Hawaii by a Polish-Irish father and Vietnamese mother; that accounts for her exotic and unique beauty. She started modelling at the age of 17. In an interview she gave to NY mag, she said that it was really hard getting jobs because of her unique look.

“At the time, they wanted blond hair and blue eyes. Or Asian celebrities”

After rounds of rejections she eventually went to Hong Kong hoping for better luck. Her fate changed when Jackie Chan recruited her and trained her to become the next generation of Hong Kong action stars. Next thing you know, she is one of the biggest movie stars in Hong Kong and she was getting hounded by the paps.

She felt like she was ‘suffocating’ she had no anonymity in Hong Kong.

“you’re incredibly recognisable wherever you go, I could never have a boyfriend. I couldn’t grocery shop for myself. I got very depressed by it.”

Maggie has more freedom in the west. Currently she is filming Nikita in Toronto and here she can do her own laundry, go to the market, drive to work.

This TV show is based on a French film called La Femme Nikita, it’s about a crook junkie that ends up being trained to be a killer by a nefarious organisation. This is the third interpretation of the film. In the 90’s, Aussie actress Peta Wilson starred in the TV show La Femme Nikita. I was a fan of that version, what I thought cool about that show was Peta Wilson had an Aussie accent in it.

Casting Maggie Q in this latest remake is a huge drawcard for the show. Being trained under one of the biggest action stars Jackie Chan, fans can sure expect lots of stunts carried out by the star herself.

“I owe it to my audience. And I’m not 70, so I might as well while I can.”

She’s one tough chick and I love watching girls kick butt on screen. I can’t wait for the show to come to Australia! It’ll air on Channel Go! No debut date has been announced yet. Keep an eye for it.

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